The Taste of Lammas — a first harvest celebration

feral blackberry brambles Westfir, Oregon

For Earthweal’s open link weekend — Happy Lammas

The Taste of Lammas

I hold a peach in my hand
the sweet scent lifts my spirits
with all the promise of summer
blackberries growing wild
sparkle like obsidian jewels
in the dry summer sun
plum butter rich and thick
on a freshly-baked scone
I close my eyes,
the explosion of sensations
color my spirit
as I taste the gifts of Gaia
catching a stray crumb
with my tongue
I sigh with gratitude
and contentment
thank you for the flavors
thank you, thank you, thank you

Til next time ~Stay Wild Moonchild ~JP

Morning Spell

Morning Magic

JusJoJan # 21 — Spell

Morning Spell

stir coffee in a clock-wise direction while chanting

“Bless this coffee bold and true
as my morning witch’s brew
this day let it bring to me
good health, long life and prosperity”

Couldn’t resist *buahahaha* ~stay trippy hippies ~JP