Have you ever watched the wind. The way the trees dance to it’s song and leaves flutter around giggling as wind tickles them about. Have you ever smelled the hint of rain on an evening breeze or the first whiff of salt air on the beach. I love when the wind blows through my hair, like it is cleansing me, blowing away my heartache. The wind from thousands of Starlings’ wings shake the walls, a powerful reminder of the strength in numbers. And when the wind propels the rain and snow, I am safe and warm watching in wonder at the diverse power of air and wind.

Fire burns and Wind blows,

Water nurtures, Earth grows

Spirit leads the way

~Stay Wild Moonchild ~jp

Winter’s Poem

Today’s prompt: Winter’s Poem

My lake froze solid this winter with sub-zero temperatures not normally found in this part of the world. We watched the ducks ice skating. The lake was smooth with crystalline textures and leaves held in stasis, captured in the glassy layer like silk garlands. It was frigid and beautiful and perfect. A reminder that Winter is a time for rest and reflection, a time to come to grips with this year’s changes. Today I gaze out the window where the bright sunshine coaxes the buds on the trees to bloom. Today, the sun shines bright, my garden beckons and Sun god grows restless.

Feelings shift like oceans
beneath the frozen ice
glaciers of emotions
pain too long denied
struggle against the cold
mind closed against the truth
pressures build, exploding in
a single tear of glacier blue

Til next time ~ Spring is coming ~JP

Why? – a stream of consciousness poem

For Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “start with why.” Begin your post with the word “why.” Have fun!


Why do we hate?
Why do we love?
Why do we search
the skies up above?
Why do we wander?
Why must they go?
I haven’t the answers
but one thing I know
You can search the
world over and over again
but the answers you seek
always lie within
your own heart

Total elapsed time 8 minutes prompt to page

Til next time ~Stay trippy hippies ~JP

Coping with Covid – Day 4

Testing positive

Well, it’s morning and I pretty much feel like cr*p. I’m not quite as massively achy as yesterday but my cough is worse and painful. The nausea, fatigue and loss of appetite are starting to wear me down. Not being able to smell anything is a lot harder to cope with than I would have thought. I guess I never realized how much I depend on my sense of smell. I decided to use my aromatherapy diffuser to help lift my mood and plllltttt ;-p I can’t smell it. I went ahead and used it since I believe that essential oils have healing properties even though I can’t really appreciate them right now. I honestly can’t say how well (of if) it worked but I did feel a bit better just for doing something.

In an attempt to combat boredom and keep my mind off of being sick, I loaded up an old video game I used to enjoy. It’s been many years since I’ve played this particular version much and I must say, it worked! I spent a couple of hours glued to the computer, taking potshots at monsters and stomping/busting everything in sight. Ahhhh yes, leave none alive! Buahahaha. I was able to get in a short nap this afternoon and feel better for it, perhaps the worst is over.

Til next time ~Stay safe, stay sanitized ~JP