Friday Follies Episode 4 – Mr. Potatohead

Proscenium has this awesome little funny signs challenge that I’ve very quickly become addicted to. No really, instead of looking for every cloud, sunset and flower in the galaxy, I now seem to be casting my discerning eye toward signs and folks, let me tell you “every day from here to there, funny things are EVERYWHERE”

This little beauty, although certainly not an error or innuendo, just struck me as funny as all get out.

Potato head

I mean “Ireland’s Potato” is a Chinese Jack-o-lantern that stuck its tongue in a light socket? Really? OK, in its defense it did come from a road-side rest in China but still…. roflmao

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

What were you posting a year ago today?

That was the question from Sam over at Living. Here’s a little post from the travel journal (before I actually went on-line) from November 8 from the island of Kauai.

I can feel the coming of the day

Up before dawn this morning. Sunrise here is not to be missed. The leaden sky above me in intriguing. Magical flits of monochrome, light grey to dark, to dove, to light, to white. The clouds are puffy the stuff of castles and cotton candy skies.

Just as I begin to lose myself in the endless corridors of non-color overhead, there comes a gradual lightening, a spot on the far horizon. I watch and wait with eager anticipation.

I know that time does not vary, yet these moments feel fleeting. Suddenly, the clouds begin to part. Spots of sky emerge and the light blazes through the opening. And I can feel the coming of the day, another day in paradise.

What were you doing this time last year?

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP



Wide-Eyed World Adventure – 9 Japanese Farmhouse Museum

Headed out to the open air farmhouse museum. The museum is set in a large park area which was hard hit by the recent typhoon and damage is much in evidence. The museum farmhouses were fortunately spared.

20181013_101814 (2)

The tour of the old farmhouses give us a unique glimpse into the lives of rural Japanese life during the late Edo period. Continue reading “Wide-Eyed World Adventure – 9 Japanese Farmhouse Museum”