Wide Eyed Wanderings – Queenstown, NZ

After our day long bus trip from Christchurch, we arrived at our hotel in Queenstown. After a bit of a rest and refresh, we took the water taxi across lake Wakatipu to Queenstown proper. We arrived in time for the weekend outdoor market with it’s vendors and buzz of excitement. Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wanderings – Queenstown, NZ”

Wide Eyed Wanderings – Omarama and Lake Tekapo New Zealand

Under cloudy Spring skies, we left Christchurch on the Intercity Bus heading for Queenstown. When traveling a long distance overland the bus is really quite a pleasant way to go. Our driver acted as our guide, pointing out numerous sites and interests along the way. The history of dairy farming, how those trees planted in rows to serve as windbreaks had changed the face of the farmlands. Mostly it’s a fascinating drive through beautiful countryside. Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wanderings – Omarama and Lake Tekapo New Zealand”

Wide Eyed Wanderings – Christchurch, NZ

With a mixture of reluctance and relief we spent our last night in Kyoto, Japan. A fond farewell to Nijo-jo a night’s sleep and we were ready to begin our adventure to New Zealand. The overnight flight was comfortable and we were well cared for on Thai Airlines. After arrival, we spent the day recuperating and honestly, didn’t have a chance to see much of the city. There are numerous cultural and natural activities that are well worth the time to see but for us, this was a brief stop before continuing our journey.

Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wanderings – Christchurch, NZ”

Wide Eyed Wanderings – Shugakuin Imperial Villa, Kyoto, Japan

To the northeast of Kyoto, in the shadow of Mt. Hiei, lies Shugakuin Imperial Villa. The Villa occupies a vast swath of land overlooking Kyoto and is managed by the Imperial Household Agency. Not open to the public, for access you must apply for a permit to a guided tour. The on-line advance reservations are difficult to come by but we were fortunate enough to secure a reserved tour during our stay in Kyoto. It is also possible to apply for a tour permit at the Imperial Household Agency office in Kyoto for same day passes. The tour is conducted in Japanese but other language audio tours are available and quite helpful. Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wanderings – Shugakuin Imperial Villa, Kyoto, Japan”

Wide Eyed Wanderings – Fushimi Inari-taisha

As some of you may know, I’m a self-taught student of the art or writing. As such, I have a list of “assignments” or writing styles to experiment with and learn about. This is my take on the following assignment:

“Write an article for a magazine, including pictures if appropriate. You have been given 500 words and up to 10 photos as your limits.” Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wanderings – Fushimi Inari-taisha”

Friday Follies Episode 5

For episode 5 of the Friday Folliesallow me to submit the following. While not a sign, in any way or fashion, it struck me as hilariously ironic.

11.9.16 piggy bun (2)

Now I get making food beautiful or even cute. But that adorable little piggy, is a steamed PORK bun. ROFL who says the Chinese have no sense of humor.

Photo from my archive, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China.

Till next time ~leave ’em laughing ~JPP