Which Way to the Fun Foto Challenge?

Having a little fun with a combo challenge today all about the roads we take which ever way we’re going. 😉

Up the canyon
Near Silverton Colorado
zion snow1
Zion National Park in Winter

For sonofabeach96’s which way photo challenge

and for Cees fun foto challenge – roads

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Wide Eyed Wandings – Larnach Castle, Dunedin, NZ

Larnach 1

While enjoying our stay at Broad Bay, NZ, we took a trip to one of the Otaga Penninsula’s premier tourist attractions, Larnach Castle.

The property is not actually a Castle but rather a lavishly built private home built 1871 by William Larnach, merchant baron and politician. It took more than 200 workmen three years to build the Castle shell and master European craftsmen spent a further 12 years embellishing the interior. Larnach spared no expense on his dream home, which features the finest materials from around the world.1 Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wandings – Larnach Castle, Dunedin, NZ”

Concrete Design

2.21.19 FPF

Concrete Design

The aged white settler
skin dyed rough brown
surviving on earliest farmland
produced his great masterpiece
with ancestral fascination
but today concrete design
built occupation’s cold future

For Found Poetry February day 21, a little poem from a magnetic word board found at the Wellington Museum. The museum is a delightful little trip through space and time. Click here to find out more.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Wide Eyed Wanderings – Broad Bay, NZ


We left Queenstown in the early morning and made our way by auto to the tiny hamlet of Broad Bay, just outside of Dunedin. We took a delightful historic cottage via Air B&B1. Our hosts, Mary and Rick were delightful folks, helpful and charming, kind and respectful of our privacy, we could not have asked for more. Waking up to a front room that is mostly windows with ocean and mountain views was awesome. Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wanderings – Broad Bay, NZ”

Wide Eyed Wanderings — Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand

Queenstown is the Extreme Sports capital of New Zealand, probably of the world. Name an extreme sport and chances are if it’s not readily available, they can arrange it for you. So what do two, non-sports (much less extreme sports) oriented older people do in Queenstown? We’ve taken the bus into “The Remarkables” shopping area, wandered the town’s back streets and lakeside neighborhoods. We’ve walked along the lake and stopped for tea and scones at a wonderful little coffee shop or two. Been revitalized at the Hilton’s wonderful spa. For our final day of wanderings, we set back across Lake Wakatipu to the Queenstown docks and the Queenstown Gardens. Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wanderings — Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand”

Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, NZ

Today we’re off on the “Million Dollar Cruise” of Lake Wakatipu. Our hotel lies across the lake from Queenstown on the Frankton arm, near where the lakes drains into the Kawarau River. We catch the water taxi at the hotel dock to the Queenstown waterfront. There is no market today and with less crowds there is more time to enjoy the waterfront itself. We linger for a bit enjoying the sites and some found poetry. Continue reading “Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, NZ”

Prosceiums Friday Follies 2-1

Chapter 2 – episode of Proscenium’s Friday Follies – another round of fun/fascinating/titillating signs and posters. YEAH MAN!

This weeks contribution from me is one I found in the Badlands of South Dakota. It really made me go “now what?” It makes more sense when you know that the second shot is what you see when you look past the sign. Enjoy

6.25.18 COBff 1.4.19

Til next time ~Leave ’em laughin’ when you go ~JPP