Tuneful Tuesday March 19 – Gypsy

digital art from my polyvore collection

Up today on Tuneful Tuesday – poetry inspired by some of my favorite songs: Gypsy. Yeah, you could say I’m a Stevie Nicks fan. Awesome songs, awesome voice, awesome personality. Need I say more, the original urban gypsy.

Gypsy Dreams

Velvet, lace and paper flowers
I loved the gypsy that I was
Like lightning, love strikes once
or maybe twice
but it lights up your heart
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Tuneful Tuesday March 12 – Are We Human?

fantasy woman

Welcome to Tuneful Tuesday – Poetry inspired by some of my favorite songs. Up tonight, “Human” by the killers.

Life of a Human

She lived her life in freedom
her heart was good and kind
til finally she surrendered
unto the ties that bind

Feeling she was trapped
fearful of the open door
take a breath, take a step
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Dream Catcher

dreamcatcher-1082228__340 PB
photo credit Pixabay

Welcome to Tuneful Tuesday – Poetry inspired by songs I love

Dream catcher spins in the sun
cleansing the nightmares
of yesterday
crystal visions of loneliness
can drive you mad
until the sun washes you clean
like thunder in the rain
the dream of what you had
and what you lost
but the sun shines bright today
let the nightmares fade away


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