Friday Flashback – An Empty Glass

From September 16, 2018

When I was a young girl, my father loved to listen to Peggy Lee. I grew up on that glorious, sultry voice. Although my personal favorite will always be “Is that all there is?” I understood “when he left, I thought I’d die, but I didn’t. And I thought to myself ‘is that all there is … to love?” Oh yeah.

That being said, as I grew up, “An Empty Glass” became more and more significant. “Deep inside I knew, you were too good to be true.”

An Empty Glass – Peggy Lee

Close the door and pull the blinds
Fill your glass, but don’t fill mine
Here’s to you now for the last time
Here’s to me your sometime past time
Here’s to love, an empty glass

Feeling low, but it will pass
With some coffee, demitasse
Black and strong and very bitter
I can think of nothing fitter
For a lover, second class

Deep inside I guess I knew
You were too good to be true
Still it rocked me to discover
You would kiss and run for cover
When I started loving you

Nothing could have made it last
Say goodbye and say it fast
Here’s to you now for the last time
Here’s to me your sometime past time
Here’s to love, an empty glass

Lyrics courtesy of my memory (which is often faulty) any discrepancies should not be viewed as flaws but as all natural variations and proof that I lived through the sixties. 😉

This post inspired by Fandango’s Flashback Friday
originally written for Song Lyric Sunday prompt Glass
enjoyed on youtube An Empty Glass

til next time ~Peace Peeps ~JP

Friday Flashback — If

Welcome to another Fandango’s Flashback Friday. Ahhhhh, flashback thy name is “70’s” Here a bit of nostalgia from the greatest decade … like EVER dude. Originally posted September 9, 2018 for Song Lyric Sunday prompt of “Picture/photograph.”

IF — Bread

The quintessential love song, so much meaning, exquisite melody and rich vocals. David Gates was once quoted as saying it was the best song he had ever written. To me “If” and Bread in an esoteric kind of way was the very soul of the 70’s. Underneath it all, it was an era of love and beauty.

If a picture paints a thousand words
Then why can’t I paint you?
The words will never show
The you I’ve come to know

If a face could launch a thousand ships
Then where am I to go?
There’s no one home but you
You’re all that’s left me too
And when my love for life is running dry
You come and pour yourself on me

If a man could be two places at one time
I’d be with you
Tomorrow and today
Beside you all the way

If the world should stop revolving
Spinning slowly down to die
I’d spend the end with you
And when the world was through
Then one by one the stars would all go out
Then you and I would simply fly away

Songwriter: David Gates

lyrics courtesy of my memory, any discrepancies or variations from fact should be viewed as all natural by-products of having actually lived through the 70’s. 😉

Til next time ~Peace Peeps ~JP

Song Lyric Sunday – Last

Song Lyric Sunday

Many thanks to Helen for hosting the Song Lyric Sunday challenge. This week’s theme is Last. I am once again going to go my own way as this song has little to do with last, except maybe that it’s the last thing you’d expect. 😉 Without further ado, more maniacal musings from the mind of Bob Rivers.

The Restroom Door said Gentlemen Continue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Last”

Song Lyric Sunday 12.1.18

Song Lyric Sunday

For Helen’s challenge, this week’s prompt is First so, I’m posting this on the First of December. Take THAT euphemism! hah. Anyway, It’s that time of year again. Christmas carols are playing and lights are hung everywhere you go. So, I’ve decided that for December’s SLS entries, I’m going to do a Christmas song of some sort. Continue reading “Song Lyric Sunday 12.1.18”

Song Lyric Sunday 11.9.18 Take/Taking

Song Lyric Sunday

Helen’s theme for this week is take/taking. Whenever I think about taking, I thing about those “taking” relationships. You know the ones where you give and they take, and take, and take, and take…. you get the picture. Been there, done that. Also, the singer/writer was taken from us far too soon.  I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of my high school when the news came through and I still feel that loss. Oh the poignant songs we’ll never hear from the marvelous soul that was Jim Croce. Continue reading “Song Lyric Sunday 11.9.18 Take/Taking”

Song Lyric Sunday – Sleep

music 2 pexels


For this week’s Song Lyric Sunday prompt of “Sleep” from Helen Vahdati, I offer the often forgotten melody from the great Stephen Foster. Published posthumously in 1864, it has been recorded, re-recorded, re-written with many liberties but always remains best sung by Bing Crosby (IMHO). Usually thought of as a lullaby, to me it is more of a lament for a lost loved one, particularly the second verse which is seldom performed.

Enjoy! Continue reading “Song Lyric Sunday – Sleep”