Obstacles in the Path – Spoonie Moving Day

4.22.19 WWC

“Obstacles do not block the path, they are the path.” ~Zen Proverb

For the Which Way Challenge – brought to us by sonofabeach96

It has been a crazy few days here at Chez Lighthouse filled with chaos and changes. We moved this weekend. Now you wouldn’t think it would be that big of a deal. We moved from one RV to another, they were parked next to each other during the transition. I mean really, it’s a 200 sq. ft. (yes you read that right) home, how much stuff can two people living there possibly have? Well, let me tell you A LOT!! We’re full time RVers and for the past twelve years, our only home has been a 29 foot class C motorhome. The SS Minnie Winnie has been our home, our sanctuary, our transportation for a long time. It’s been a grand adventure, but it’s time for a change. Continue reading “Obstacles in the Path – Spoonie Moving Day”

Pitch to the Rhino

coffee - Jason Wong on Unsplash

I was reading my fellow RVer site over at random bits of trial and error recently about how to eat an elephant. Got me thinking about the other side of the equation. For me it’s always been “what do you do with an elephant with 3 balls? Walk him and pitch to the rhino.” Continue reading “Pitch to the Rhino”

Animas Forks Ghost Town – from Silverton Colorado

There is adventure to be found everywhere even in the alpine tundra of Silverton Colorado. The town itself starts out at over 9,000 feet and goes up from there. A few years ago, we took an interesting “jeep” tour from Silverton to Animas Forks Ghost Town. We started our adventure in what I lovingly refer to as the “Swiss Army Butt Cruncher.” An old Swiss army transport truck, not comfortable on the hiney but a great climber which came in handy.

riding a swiss army butt cruncher

Continue reading “Animas Forks Ghost Town – from Silverton Colorado”

Simplicity – Part 2 — simplicity without deprevation or all I have is all I need

IMG_0986 (2)

There is no scarcity except in our souls.

In the first two months after our decision to become full-time RVers, I quit my job cutting our income effectively in half. I went through everything in that house and garage saled, e-bayed, sold, gave to kids, donated to charity, and just plain threw out most of what I had accumulated over all my years of grown-up life and child rearing. A few family heirlooms and things I just wasn’t ready to part with yet were stored in my father-in-law’s attic. Last year when he passed away, family members offered to store those items for me, but it was time to let them go. A small box of old treasures came home with me but for the most part, they once again went to kids, friends, and a big garbage can. Continue reading “Simplicity – Part 2 — simplicity without deprevation or all I have is all I need”

Simplicity — all you need is all you have.

serenity shot of the week

The simpler we make our lives, the more abundant they become. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? It’s one of those sayings you hear but don’t really comprehend until you start to live it. Superhubs and I have become “noodle folk” we are simple people, eat simple, live simple and our lives are so much more abundant that I ever dreamed possible.

In our former life, we lived in a 2000 square foot stick house, both held full-time jobs, were empty nesters. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Underneath it though, I was drowning in stuff and clutter. Not just clutter around the house (although there was plenty of that to go around) but clutter of the heart, mind and yes soul. Simplifying down to a minimalist life can be daunting, if not downright terrifying, but for me it was oh so worth it. Continue reading “Simplicity — all you need is all you have.”

Rapid City, SD – Rapid Creek Trail in Spring

With the Summer heat, I find myself reminiscing fondly of Spring. Ah Spring, that golden time of year here in the Black Hills when after the harshness of Winter, Spring’s gentle warmth and greens is as refreshing as her warm breezes. OK, yeah that’s totally euphemistic garbage. Winter here is harsh and cold, Spring is wet, soggy and storm riddled. But euphoric recall doesn’t quite work that way so, I thought I’d share a few Spring shots with you from a lovely day in early May on a trip to Rapid Creek, Founders Park trail here in Rapid City, SD.

20180502_061844 (2)

There is just something about the moon in daytime that I find so incredibly entrancing, unusual and somehow magical. Like a clandestine lover on a secret visit, so lovely and yet so unexpected.

4.29.18 budding trees (2)

Shrubs and trees everywhere are budding with life. Barely containing the excitement when they will burst forth in glorious blooms.

20180505_112107 (2)

And, of course, birds everywhere. Look hard and you’ll see the little woodpecker atop the light pole. He was hammering away at the metal end cap with such fervor that I feared for his beak!

20180505_111227 (3)

And or course, anywhere there’s green grass to be found, the ever present bane of gardeners everywhere, the bunny rabbit. Such a graphic reminder of Spring.

20180503_194255 (2)

Till next time ~Peace ~ JPP


Sylvan Lake – Black Hills SD

Held within the confines of Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota, lies a mesmerizing little body of water known and Sylvan Lake.

Sylvan Lake

Popular with tourists and locals as well, it’s a lovely little oasis during the heat of summer. We took the trail around the lake and found it well worth the walk. There are fascinating geological sights like this “narrows” part of the trail between two mammoth boulders, watch your head.

trail or tunnel

Or the tiny waterfall hidden in a crevice.

tiny waterfall

Then there’s the stairway to heaven, or maybe just back to the road.

rock stairway

And, as always life and beauty in the oddest places, just waiting to be noticed.

Life everywhere

If you find yourself in the Black Hills area, visiting Mt. Rushmore or Sturgis, take a few hours and explore Custer State Park and by all means, take the perimeter walk at Sylvan Lake. Til next time ~Peace JPP

Thoughts for a busy holiday

I love John Muir’s writings. Always have. He touches my heart in a way few other writer poets have. So, for this Wednesday, while those of us in the US are off making our party plans, cooking and celebrating I offer this.

Take a moment, close your eyes, breathe deep, listen to the sounds, feel what the air feels like. Open your eyes and see, really see, the world around you. There is beauty there, there is beauty everywhere, you have only to open your eyes to see it.

Crater Lake (2)
Crater Lake, Oregon

Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul” ~John Muir

redwoods (2)
Redwoods,  California

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” ~John Muir

Til next time ~Peace JPP

Devils Tower

Devils Tower, WY

We recently took a trip to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming. We have visited before, but I never quite get enough of the raw beauty of the place. Even far in the distance, it beckons the curious.

Devils tower 1
The road to Devils Tower

I am always struck by the awesome, raw power of the place. There are many legends and oral histories about the origins of the sacred mountain. My favorite is the Kiowa legend in which seven sisters are in the forest when they are set upon by a huge bear. They climb up on a tall stump to evade the bear. The bear starts to climb and claw his way up the stump and the sisters pray to the great spirit. The Great Spirit lifts the stump causing it to rise higher and higher. The bear continues to grow as well and claws at the stump all around trying to get to the sisters. In the end the sisters are born to the skies and become the constellation “seven sisters” or as we know it the big dipper.

Devils tower 3

Of course other explanations of the tower are more scientific, and much less exciting:

Devils tower 4

This is still a sacred site and there are many prayer shawls and ribbons festooning the trees and shrubs, some high off of the trail. I have not included any pictures of them out of respect for the sacred nature of the artifacts.

As you walk around the back side of the tower, you see further evidence of nature’s power, and wrath. Huge felled trees, providing shelter for smaller life with their decay.

Devils tower 2

Remnants of fires that have swept the area for centuries.

Devils tower 6

Scorched rock from a lightning strike.

Devils tower 5

But then again, there’s always beauty, showing itself even through the devastation

Devils tower 9

and life, everywhere.  

Devils tower 10

In the most unlikely places.

We ended the trip with a stop at the trading post outside the park. Awesome spot to get your goofy Devil’s Tower souvenirs and a tasty snack.

Devils tower 7