Spoonie Instructions – Stream of Consciousness Saturday

serenity shot of the week

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “instructions.” Write instructions for anything you know how to do. As detailed or as rambling as you’d like. Enjoy!

I find myself wishing there were instructions for how to navigate the hydrodynamics of chronic illness. Alas, with no directions, illustrations, or instructions to say “insert tab A into slot B” we must negotiate the sometimes treacherous twists and turns based on our own research, the winnowing of advice from others, and often our own gut instinct. Continue reading “Spoonie Instructions – Stream of Consciousness Saturday”

Beautiful Things

3.9.19 FOTD

“Isn’t it amazing the way beautiful things find us, climb into our laps without warning, intimidate the worst part of our day and only ask that we notice them.”
~Rudy Francisco


For One Liner Wednesday – hope yours was filled with beautiful things.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Utter Amazement

2.17.19 SD beam me up

My father says that almost
the whole world is asleep,
everybody you know,
everybody you see,
everybody you talk to.
He says that only a few people
are truly awake
and they live in a state
of constant, utter amazement.
~ Meg Ryan in Joe vs. the Volcano

ArtisanX over at proscenium has been sharing some awesome snowy winter shots lately which got me to thinking about how beautiful (if inconvenient) the snow makes everything and the fabulous light shots it can create. I took this yesterday coming out of the laundromat.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP