Proscenium’s Friday Follies Season 2 Episode 5

For Proscenium’s Friday Follies Season 2 Episode 5.  Seems like sound relationship advice to me:

2.5.19 butt rub

Just, maybe not in public.   😉 😉  As a side note, I find it absolutely hilarious that “A little Butt Rub makes everything better” is a registered trademark.  Really?  Is that like a patented three slice toaster (yeah there is)?  ROFLMAO

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Prosceiums Friday Follies 2-1

Chapter 2 – episode of Proscenium’s Friday Follies – another round of fun/fascinating/titillating signs and posters. YEAH MAN!

This weeks contribution from me is one I found in the Badlands of South Dakota. It really made me go “now what?” It makes more sense when you know that the second shot is what you see when you look past the sign. Enjoy

6.25.18 COBff 1.4.19

Til next time ~Leave ’em laughin’ when you go ~JPP

Proscenium’s Friday Follies Episode 10

Here we are back again for the final episode of Proscenium’s Friday Follies episode 10. Wow, this has gone so quickly. I’ve been off my game for a couple of weeks due to problems getting shots off my camera, but I’m back with more “stupid human signs”

20181209_085116 (3)

Well …. OK.

And the ultimate door instructions.

20181214_130812 (2)

That it for me this round. Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Friday Follies Episode 5

For episode 5 of the Friday Folliesallow me to submit the following. While not a sign, in any way or fashion, it struck me as hilariously ironic.

11.9.16 piggy bun (2)

Now I get making food beautiful or even cute. But that adorable little piggy, is a steamed PORK bun. ROFL who says the Chinese have no sense of humor.

Photo from my archive, Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China.

Till next time ~leave ’em laughing ~JPP