Which Way to the Fun Foto Challenge?

Having a little fun with a combo challenge today all about the roads we take which ever way we’re going. 😉

Up the canyon
Near Silverton Colorado
zion snow1
Zion National Park in Winter

For sonofabeach96’s which way photo challenge

and for Cees fun foto challenge – roads

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Grey World

DSC00475 (2)

This story should never be told.

I woke with a start and began working the cramp out of my leg from sitting too long in the back of the “meat wagon.” That’s what they called the airplane. They were taking us to “paradise” to a land with sun and beaches, or so they claimed. Continue reading “Grey World”

Stacks and Piles Cees Fun Foto Challenge

For your consideration and enlightenment …. some  stacks and piles

From a rubber ball factory in Fujian China

The Virgin River, Zion National Park at the entrance to the “Narrows” after the 100-year flood, rock cairns everywhere. Further evidence of the solely human need to stack things on top of other things. 😉



’til next time ~Peace~ JPP