The Statue

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here are the words: From the moment we saw him most of us lived in dread of him

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50 word thrs 2.14.19

The Statue

He was tall and lean with the ropy strength of tendon, muscle and bone, his hands calloused from years of genuine, hard, work. He demanded nothing of his employees that he did not demand of himself. He was a hard man, but a fair man. Yet from the moment we saw him, most of us lived in dread of him. Perhaps it was his ice blue eyes that could see straight through any lie. Or the piercing pain and sorrow that lay hidden beneath those icy depths even when his face held a smile. But I think it was the statue at his office that we dreaded most. The woman astride a wave, friend to bird and fish and all things of the sea. She held a construction pylon in one hand, a constant, silent reminder of the tragic traffic accident that had taken his wife all those years ago.

Word count 150

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Teddy Bears and the Brigade

kira sun scribbles 2.3.19

This week’s Kira’s Sunday Scribble left my in a quandary.  I really, really wanted to write a cute little poem about the brave Teddy Bear Brigade. But alas, the picture isn’t saying that to me and it’s screaming louder and louder that if I write some cutesy little piece about it, it will …. well I don’t know what but never underestimate the power of art or Teddy Bears! So, without further ado, Continue reading “Teddy Bears and the Brigade”

The Show

For Friday Fictioneers at Rochelle Wisoff

Friday fictioneers 1.31.19

The Show

Mark, Bob and Marie would be the first white folks to ever witness this ancient tribal custom, they watched the white teepee nervously and waited. Their seats were a fair distance from the powwow circle but with binoculars they would have a good view.

“Billy Joe, come help the Medicine Man with his staff. The bloomin’ skull’s come loose again,” called Morning Star inside the teepee.

Billy Joe hastened to reattach the bleached skull.

Morning Star watched her little family and mentally crossed her fingers that tonight’s show would cover the repairs on the old blue truck and maybe supper.

word count 100

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The Scent of Love

TT 1.29.19
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The Scent of Love

I watched her roll out the dough. Her hands were worn and gnarled with age but strong and gentle still. The cookies would soon fill her kitchen with the heady scent of sugar and flour, and love. Her secret ingredient remains a secret to this day. I think it was love.

character count 272

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An Extraordinary Life

kira sun scribbles 1.27.19

For Kiras Sunday Scribbles. All I can say this week is WOW, I mean like WOW. If you don’t already follow her, you really should!

An Extraordinary Life

Don’t weep for me when I am gone
no mournful dirge, no saddened song
in joy and memories delight
for mine has been an extraordinary life Continue reading “An Extraordinary Life”

Dreams of Spring – a twittering tale

tt 1.23.19
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For Kat’s Twittering Tales

I wonder what tomorrow holds
sunshine fair or winds so cold?
Will the sky be blue and sun be bright
or will dark clouds rain til comes the night?

I wonder what the day will bring
will squirrels play and robins sing?
As Winter ends so Spring will follow
I wonder, will she come tomorrow?

Character count 279


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The Box of Books

kira sun scribbles 1.20.19

A poem inspired by Kira’s Sunday Scribbles. Do pop over and join in some great fun.

The Box of Books

Once upon a time in the land of hush-a-bye
long about the wonderful days of yore
The Muse came across a sort of box
bound with twine and locked with locks Continue reading “The Box of Books”