Twittering Tale – # 114

Thanks to Kat for this week’s Twittering Tale prompt. Do check out all the great entries and join in the fun here.

little-boy-mabelamber on pixabay

Timmy and Billy crouched near the hole in the old tree.
“It was a Leprechaun.”
“Naw, squirrel.”
Suddenly, a tiny winged man appeared, tapping his foot and yelling “I am NOT a Leprechaun!”
Timmy and Billy turned to each other nodding wisely, “Squirrel!”

Character count 274

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP


The Wolf

TT 12.7

The wolf stood staring at the cottage. Lavender had lived there alone since her grandmother’s disappearance. The wolf appeared each evening like it was checking on her. Finally, Lavender went out to the wolf. She met the sapphire blue eyes, “Grandmother?” she whispered.

character count 275

For Kat’s Twittering Tales # 113

The Deer, My Love and I

kira sun scribbles 11.28

Photo credit Kiras Sunday Scribbles

A poem for Kiras Sunday Scribbles and FOWC – trail because, sometimes the greatest joy lies in not knowing where you’re going or why.

The Deer, My Love and I

We walk the trail with spirits,
the deer, my love and I.
We wind along the mountain
and reach the summit’s height.
I hold my offering toward the sky
and breathing deep with joy, I sigh.
For the joy of never knowing why.
We walk with nature’s spirits
the deer, my love and I.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

Twittering Tales # 110 – New Zealand Sheep


New Zealand Sheep

Mary stared at the cage “Queer lookin lot today what?”

“Oh look Maerre, they’re taking our photo!”

Harry laughed as he turned around and raised his tail.

“Instagram THIS Tourist!” he called wagging his butt back and forth.

Character count 223

For Twittering Tales # 110

This is a great prompt for me (thanks so much) since I’m in NZ right now and I’ve seen this look every day. Sheep staring at us, looking like “oh look it’s the squishy pink things again.”

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

The Asylum


For Crimsons creative challenge 1 Thanks for the prompt.

The Asylum

Solanj stood outside the asylum, staring. She felt the tingling along her spine, a forewarning of approaching danger. No sound. With one smooth move, Solanj whirled, kicked out and swept the assassin’s feet from under him. With a flourish, she brandished her butterfly knife and held it at the assassin’s throat.

“Wait” cried the assassin. “You can’t kill me. That was a church, this is sacred ground.” Seeing the contemptuous look she gave him, he shuddered. “Don’t you believe in God?”

Solanj pressed the knife deeper. “In there lies my twin, trapped within her own mind by the ravages perpetrated upon us both. For years I prayed, I bargained, I sacrificed but no God listened.” Solanj shook her head slightly “Oh, I believe in God all right, and I hate the bastard.” With a single motion, she slit the assassin’s throat, cleaned and re-sheathed her blade as she walked inside.

Word count: 150

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

No Fate – Twittering Tale # 109

TT 11.6

The empty frame sat on it’s shelf as always. No personal photo, no award, just an empty frame. A reminder of the emptiness of her life, of her soul. No past, no future, no anger, no joy. No emotion at all. It had all been stripped from her long ago.

Character count 254

For Twittering Tales # 109

Till next time ~JPP

City Lights

100ww_w96 paul gaudriault
photo credit Paul Gaudriault

Solanj stared out the window. Night had fallen at last. The Eiffel tower lit up above the city. Some said it was beautiful. Others used more eloquent metaphors. Solanj didn’t know, didn’t care either. It was a signal post, that was all. A certain light in a certain room, flashing at a certain rhythm, was all she cared about. She needed an assignment. There had been too much leisure time lately. Too much time to think. She needed focus and action. Solanj fidgeted with the deadly spikes wound intricately into her hair. The signal flashed, time to work. Solanj smiled.

Written for 100 word wednesday

Word count 100

Til next time ~JPP