Will it go ’round in circles

For Cee’s Odd ball photo challenge: Circles

When I first saw this weeks prompt, I couldn’t think of any pictures of circles that I would have taken. Ever. How wrong could I possibly be? Well, pretty wrong it appears. Here are a few from my archives and recent expeditions:

full moon and street light
Full moon and street light. South Dakota, Spring 2018
lilly pads
Lilly pads shot in Kyoto, Japan

And finally, this wee bitty mushroom from my front yard, yesterday

wee bitty mushroom

Til next time ~every day from here to there, Oddball photo ops are everywhere ~ shamelessly ripped off from Dr. Seuss.

~Peace ~JP


Outdoor Art

Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge:  Outdoor Art

Art can come in many forms and in many unexpected places. Here are a couple of examples from Salisbury and Amesbury, UK

big dragonfly

hotel at stonehenge (2)

And from the other side of the world, a hotel in Xiamen, China


Til next time, “Today has gone, today was fun, tomorrow is another one.” ~ Dr. Seuss

~Peace ~ JPP

Cee’s Oddball Photos – Food and places

For Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge this week some of the oddest foods I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, the foods were all fabulous but somehow just unexpected.


IMG_1540 (2)
It’s just a trailer, a shack on wheels, on the side of the road in Kaikoura, NZ. Best Paua Fritters anywhere.
20161115_104344 (2)
Best french fries ever, at a roadside rest area near Fuzan China

Finally, this novelty from the land where food and anime have become art forms:

11.9.16 piggy bun (2)
Yep, that’s a steamed pork bun, in the lounge at Osaka International Airport, Osaka, Japan

“Every day from here to there, funny things are everywhere.” ~Dr. Seuss

~till next time  ~Peace~  JPP


Walkways Cees Oddball Photo challenge

So, this week, my take away on the COB challenge is “walkways.” Here are mine.

Some walkways are nicely paved and wonderfully wide

sidewalk Xiamen
Sidewalk in Xiamen China

Other’s are beautiful for a leisurely stroll

DSC00440 (2)
Golf course in Guangdon China

Others are more challenging but worth every slogging step

Taylor Creek Trail
Taylor Creek Trail near Cedar City, UT

But one thing is always the same, I’m always sorry to see them end

6.25.18 COB
Badlands, SD