February Love Me 7 — Travel Archives

Paula is hosting February Love Me where we’re finding something we’re loving every day in February. Today, I’m loving my photo archives. When the temps drop and going places isn’t a viable option, it is lovely to take a little virtual vacation and revisit some of the places we’ve visited. This is from Bryce Canyon, Utah. Christmas day, a few years ago.

Til next time ~Stay wild moon child ~JP

Spoonie Retirement – Life, Love and Menu Planning in the time of COVID

Greetings fellow Spoonies, retirees, and various other persons of interesting titles. It’s been a wacky couple of weeks here at Chez Spoons. The weather finally turned cold, with a vengence. Thursday, it was 62f when we went into town. Today’s high was 6f. No that’s not a typo, it’s a 52 degree shift in daily high temps. The north wind blew through here Thursday night, bringing biting cold. Please don’t even ask me about tonight’s projected lows (brrrrr). Alright enough whining about the weather JP, get on with it.

I was preparing to write a post for Paula’s February Love Me challenge about how much I love having a meal plan and how it helps keep me sane, er ah … save me spoons, and figured I’d combine posts (no I am not lazy, the politically correct term is ‘spoon deficient’). Like a lot of Spoonies I have days, a LOT of days (OK most days) when I’m lucky to get in a shower and thinking about what to make for dinner just can’t penetrate the dull grey haze that is brain fog. “JP, what the heck is the big deal about meal plans?”

Well, mostly, they help me save my spoons (energy) for more important things, like figuring out how to adjust the water flow on my shower so the spray doesn’t sting my hyper-sensitive skin, or whether or not I actually swallowed that pain pill, little things like that. Here’s what menu planning does for me:

  • Helps me save my “brain spoons” you know those spoons related to brain fog and general forgetfulness (I am NOT old enough for senior moments, I swear).
  • Saves my normal “energy” spoons, every meal in my arsenal is less than 30 minutes hands on and most are “on the table” 30 minutes or less.
  • Saves me spoons when shopping. I know what I’m having so I know what I need to pick up. I also keep a “master” grocery list that I just check off when I’ve used the last of a staple (all of you stop wadding up those papers to throw at me, put down that rotten tomato). I grant you that’s a little hyper-organized but I really can’t help it (yes I also sort my pills for the week into multiple marked containers) it’s an OCD thing.
  • It saves me the weird looks when I innocently ask “what’s for dinner honey?” Instead I can ask “What day is it?” and get an actual answer.

OK, now you know why, next up is how? Personally, we follow a basic “theme” dinner menu. Monday – Burgers, Tuesday – Tofu, Wednesday – Fish/chicken, Thursday – Bangers (sausages), Friday — Fish, Saturday — Casserole, Sunday — Chili. The side dishes may change depending on produce availability and our ability to grocery shop but I know what I’m working with and that’s just fine. Doesn’t that get boring? No, but we’re that kind of people who can happily eat the same foods every week and I’m a pretty darned good “pantry cook.”

So there you have it. The web is loaded with great “low spoons” meals and meal plans for just about any diet you could follow. Save your spoons for the important stuff. I’m off to do … something … wait a second, what the heck is the car key doing in the refrigerator?

12 super easy meals for chronically ill cooks

Til next time ~Stay wild moon child ~JP

February Love Me # 5 — Wrist Warmers

Wrist Warmers

Paula’s hosting February Love Me, where we post something we’re loving right now every day of February.

I’m loving my wrist warmers. This is the picture I have although the ones I’m wearing today are a bit lighter weight. Why am I wearing wrist warmers? Inside? Yeah well, have you ever lived in an RV in single digit weather? It’s cold, I mean it’s freakin’ cold! Wrist warmers leave my finger tips exposed for typing and all manner of touch screen use while adding warmth to the rest of my hand and wrists. For outdoor temps, give me mittens, preferably merino wool. Ah but that’s another story. 🙂

Because I’m in a bit of a daffy mood today

Til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP

February Love Me 4 — Tea for Two

Tea for Two

For Paula’s February Love Me – where every day we’re sharing something we love.

Today I’m loving hot tea. Now don’t misunderstand me, I ALWAYS love tea. But hot more in the winter than summer. In summer I prefer cold, iced fruity teas. Today, the temperatures have taken a dramatic drop, fierce winds from the north are rocking my tiny home as they cut like a knife through paltry human flesh. The weather outside is, in a word, frightful. Inside, I have my little fireplace, fresh laundry hanging to dry, bone broth simmering and a hot cup of tea in my hand *insert contented sigh* and life is, in a word, delightful. 😉 😉

Til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP

February Love Me 3 — Blowing in the Wind

Paula’s hosting February Love Me. “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve by posting one thing we love every day throughout February”

Today I’m loving lots of things. We have dropping temperatures and high wind warnings, oddly enough, I’m loving the wind.

“Winds of change wash over me
calm my spirit and set me free
clear away all fear and pain
and let me feel at peace again”


Til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP