February Love Me 19 — Good Vibrations

Paula is hosting February Love Me where we’re celebrating the season of amore by posting one thing we’re loving every day of February. Today, we saw temperatures above freezing for the first time in over 2 weeks. The sun is shining like diamond glints on the snow and little patches of road are starting to show through (which means travel will be easier). I’m remembering my high school days in Redondo Beach, California and I’m lovin’ the Beach Boys. This is a classic and massively underrated piece for it’s exquisite musical complexity.

Til next time ~Hang Loose ~JP

First Line Lyric Thursday — Fated

For Paula’s February Love Me where we’re posting something we’re loving every day of February. Today I’m loving upbeat music. Specifically my “Bright and Perky” playlist and the song, “Brighter than the Sun” by Colbie Caillat.

Also for First Line Lyric Thursday, I’m selecting a line from a song and using it as the first line of a poem. This week’s entry is from “Brighter than the Sun” see the video after the poem. Chosen line: “Who am I to tell Fate where it’s supposed to go?”


Who am I to tell Fate where it’s supposed to go?
To foreswear love’s right to bloom and grow?
A heart that was broken when Fate intervened
does not question the underlying need
to mend all that was battered and torn
to bind the bruised, haggard soul forlorn
with empty heart and wearied soul
you found me then and brought me home
more joy found than we ever hoped to know
who am I to tell Fate where it’s supposed to go?

Til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP

February Love Me 17 — Running Water

image from Pixabay

Paula is our host for February Love Me where she says “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve by posting one thing we love every day throughout February.”

Today I’m loving … wait for it … running water. YES! After two weeks of sub-zero (Fahrenheit) weather, (for those of you on the Celsius scale we’ve ranged -18c to -28c) we have finally broken through into positive numbers (in Fahrenheit at least). And with that we’ve got running water to our RV once again. Although the RV park shower house is usable in freezing temps, it’s not as nice and cozy, and well … warm as my own postage stamp sized shower.

Til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP

February Love Me 16 — Bulk Buying

Paula is hosting February Love Me “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve by posting one thing we love every day throughout February.” And away we go. I’ve had to dig deep this month two weeks of temperatures below zero Fahrenheit with dangerous wind chills have left me a bit “well let me tell you what I’m NOT loving this February.” Now, now JP that’s not the spirit *shaking my head a bit and searching frantically for my hot tea*. So digging a little deeper today I’m loving: my local Coop bulk ordering. I’ve stocked up on some great deals in organic nuts and spices.

Til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP

Spoonie Retirement — Life, Love, and RV living in the time of Covid

Greetings fellow Spoonies, not Spoonies, and various other sentient beings (yeah waaaay too much SciFi around here). February is the month of love and Paula’s got the February Love Me Challenge going which is awesome. Today I’m loving my RV lifestyle.

Living full time (and by that I mean 24/7/365) in an RV can be a challenge. It’s also a lot of fun. In 2019 we made the decision to “come off the road” which simply put means we sold our motorhome and replaced it with a small 5th wheel which stays at the RV park year round. The membership park to which we belong offers a moving service, as well as both long and short term storage for the times we’re off site. Now we take vacations (well not so much this past year … stupid pandemic).

So here we are still “livin the dream.” The views and openess of Hart Ranch RV resort are awesome. You don’t get this kind of views in a house, well not one we can afford anyway. This week we’ve worked hard and overcome several challenges. The temperatures have been below zero farenheit for over a week and we are living in an RV none of which are designed for long term use. The inside stays pleasantly warm with our propane furnace, electric faux fireplace and a couple of tiny space heaters.

We lost running water sometime last week. Keeping fresh water running in arctic temps is difficult at best, so when the line freezes we disconnect the hose, bring it in to thaw and run on fresh water tanks until things begin to thaw. Generally, our heated water hose keeps us going as long as we stay somewhere near or above zero. Yesterday, our reserve tanks ran almost dry, so we bundled up, hooked up the hose and refilled the tanks. The next problem is the “black tank” yep, that’s the sewage holding tank. We drain twice a week and the problem in these temps is to keep the drain hose and the valves from freezing. To that end we have a small outdoor space heater (milkhouse heater) under the RV skirts which warms the underbelly enough to keep the drain hose running.

All of this requires outdoor work. A friend who spent 6 months working in antarctica told us it took an hour to don 25 pounds of clothes and gear, to go outside for 20 minutes and another hour to get out of said gear and was worth every minute of prep spent. So, we spend 20 minutes donning 15+ pounds of layered clothing and proceed outside to do 30 minutes of work. As Spoonies, we are acutely aware of the dangers presented by hypothermia, we stay out for 5-10 minutes then come inside, warm up, and go back out to finish. Wind chills are particularly dangerous. Extreme cold can exacerbate symptoms of autoimmune disease and both of us have neuropathy in feet and hands. Even clearing a path to the car can take waaaaay longer than expected. But … we adapt (we are Borg, we will adapt, yeah OK definitely too much SciFi).

So there you have it, a day in the life of two almost cryogenically frozen Spoonie SoDaks (South Dakotans).


Til next time ~bundle up, stay warm, stay safe ~JP

February Love Me 11 — danger zone

Paula’s hosting February Love Me: “Let’s celebrate the month of lurve by posting one thing we love every day throughout February.”

Temps here are below zero farenheit, again. Wind chills are in the “dangerous” zone. We live in an RV and although it’s an “arctic package” it still requires special steps in these temperatures. It’s fairly warm in the “house” considering it’s -14f outside (air temp wind chill is much lower) but today I am really loving my thermal tights. They’re just a pair of footless spandex/jersey weight tights but they give just that extra bit of warmth that is not only delightful but absolutely necessary right now.

Til next time ~Stay calm and wear thermal underwear ~JP

February Love Me 10 — Stone Soup

Paula’s hosting Love Me February where every day during the “month of love” we’re sharing something we’re loving.

Today I’m loving soup. Fall and winter I’m all about soup. I make bone broth from chicken parts, occasionally from beef bones then, I throw in every vegetable I can lay my hands. I make soup the way my Grandma did from left overs. She used every bit ad scrap, a reminder of her days as a young wife and mother in the great depression. She would tell me the story of Stone Soup which if you’ve never heard be sure to google, it’s worth the quick read.

Til next time ~Stay wild moon child ~JP

February Love me 8 and 9 – Two of my favorite things

Sorry for the combined post. I have been having serious tech issues.

Paula’s hosting February Love Me where every day we’re saluting the Month of Amour by posting something we’re loving. Today I’m loving: Coffee and Music

Nothing starts the day out better than a cup of coffee and some lively music. With the temperatures outside a balmy 6 degrees farenheit today (yes that’s the high), I need something bright and lively. What I’m listening to today

til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP