Spoonie Saturday

Coffee PIN 2

As a spoonie, there are days, you know those days. Those days when all you can do is drag yourself out of bed, every joint and muscle complaining all along the way. Slug down a couple of Aleve and soldier on. Limping your way into the kitchen. Where all of a sudden your sweet partner (Superhubs here) hands you a cup of beautifully brewed espresso, americano to be specific. The aroma wafts up to your nose and then connects to your brain and you feel … better. Not great, but maybe not quite dead yet. Then he smiles and says “coffee makes everything better.” Yeah, it does. Powers above, grant me coffee to change the things I can and music for the things I can’t. Grab my phone, queue up the “pump me up” play list, do some yoga, sipping the elixir of the gods, aka coffee, between poses. Better, much, much better.

I know that sometimes it’s not enough, the disease gets the better of us in spite of our best efforts. But, for me at least, a lot of the time, a couple Aleve, a good cup of coffee (or 3), some great music, a little movement and a loving gesture can make all the difference. Have a happy Saturday.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Song Lyric Sunday 11.9.18 Take/Taking

Song Lyric Sunday

Helen’s theme for this week is take/taking. Whenever I think about taking, I thing about those “taking” relationships. You know the ones where you give and they take, and take, and take, and take…. you get the picture. Been there, done that. Also, the singer/writer was taken from us far too soon.  I was sitting in my car in the parking lot of my high school when the news came through and I still feel that loss. Oh the poignant songs we’ll never hear from the marvelous soul that was Jim Croce. Continue reading “Song Lyric Sunday 11.9.18 Take/Taking”

Philosophy and Poetry

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Blame it on the cool, misty weather. Blame it on travel fatigue. No matter what I blame it on, I’m feeling philosophical today and we all know philosophy and poetry go hand in hand.

When I was young, I received a book of poetry by Helen Steiner-Rice. After four decades, I still remember my favorite stanza. “Only believe that the flowers will bloom, for perhaps that’s the reason they do.” Continue reading “Philosophy and Poetry”

Me and Bobby McGee a story challenge

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For a challenge from my dear blogging friend Judy Dykstra-Brown

“One day out near Salinas lord I let him slip away
he’s looking for that home, and I hope he finds it
Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose
nothing, and that’s all that Bobby left me
Ah feeling good was easy lord when he sang the blues
and feeling good was good enough for me
good enough for me and Bobby McGee” Continue reading “Me and Bobby McGee a story challenge”