Song Lyric Sunday Picture/photograph


Thanks to Helen for the song lyric sunday theme.   Picture/photograph

My nomination for this prompt:  IF — Bread

The quintessential love song, so much meaning, exquisite melody and rich vocals. David Gates was once cited as saying it was the best song he had ever written. To me “If” and Bread in an esoteric kind of way was the very soul of the 70’s. Underneath it all, it was an era of love and beauty. Continue reading “Song Lyric Sunday Picture/photograph”


Boobies Rule

Spoiler Warning — Another “tongue in cheek” piece, PG rated Girl Stuff in anticipation of October’s campaigns. My apologies in advance if I’ve offended anyone, that is never my intention. 😉

For years and years they told me,
Be careful of your breasts.
Don’t ever squeeze or bruise them.
And give them monthly tests.
Continue reading “Boobies Rule”

Those Days

balance - pexels

It was one of those days. You know, THOSE days.

THOSE days, when you drive the 50 miles into town to have the car serviced. You have a coupon for oil change, tire rotation, and front-end alignment. Of course there’s an up-charge for the high mileage oil you use, OK, expected that.

THEN you remember that you need to get a new battery before the one you have leaves you stranded somewhere inconvenient. That’s cool but suddenly your $90 service turns into $230. Still, I can live with that. Continue reading “Those Days”



Word of the Day Challenge  Wanderlust

Perhaps more than any other, the word that defines my life is “wanderlust.” A deeply passionate need to wander about, to be where I am not. It’s something I inherited from my father. Seems that after 6 months in any one place, no matter how beautiful, how idyllic, I get restless, I get bad cases of wanderlust. It’s not that pleasant little “Ooooh, I love to travel” even the “man I need a vacation” feeling. It’s a hunger that is hard to keep satisfied. It can be deeply disturbing if you have a family to raise, job to work at. Although I wander extensively now, I also try to find the everyday adventure in an ordinary life. That by far is the biggest adventure of them all.

My personal tag line:

“I have my gypsy soul to blame
my heart was made to dance and sing
my feet were born to wander” ~JPP

The Warrior’s Lament

Dreams die hard
From my Polyvore collection

She watched the crimson droplet
as is slithered on it’s way
down, down, then suspended in the air
for the duration of it’s journey
to the hard ground.

Another followed
then another, and another.
In rapid succession they fell
splattering in abstract designs
on the aged linoleum.

She felt a tear run it’s silent
course down her cheek
following the same descent
to fall in liquid plops
to the same end. Continue reading “The Warrior’s Lament”

Simplicity – Part 2 — simplicity without deprevation or all I have is all I need

IMG_0986 (2)

There is no scarcity except in our souls.

In the first two months after our decision to become full-time RVers, I quit my job cutting our income effectively in half. I went through everything in that house and garage saled, e-bayed, sold, gave to kids, donated to charity, and just plain threw out most of what I had accumulated over all my years of grown-up life and child rearing. A few family heirlooms and things I just wasn’t ready to part with yet were stored in my father-in-law’s attic. Last year when he passed away, family members offered to store those items for me, but it was time to let them go. A small box of old treasures came home with me but for the most part, they once again went to kids, friends, and a big garbage can. Continue reading “Simplicity – Part 2 — simplicity without deprevation or all I have is all I need”

Simplicity — all you need is all you have.

serenity shot of the week

The simpler we make our lives, the more abundant they become. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? It’s one of those sayings you hear but don’t really comprehend until you start to live it. Superhubs and I have become “noodle folk” we are simple people, eat simple, live simple and our lives are so much more abundant that I ever dreamed possible.

In our former life, we lived in a 2000 square foot stick house, both held full-time jobs, were empty nesters. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Underneath it though, I was drowning in stuff and clutter. Not just clutter around the house (although there was plenty of that to go around) but clutter of the heart, mind and yes soul. Simplifying down to a minimalist life can be daunting, if not downright terrifying, but for me it was oh so worth it. Continue reading “Simplicity — all you need is all you have.”