The Wide-eyed World Adventure 1-2

Day 1 and 2

We are off on the Wide-Eyed World Adventure. For the next 60 days we will be conducting business and/or vacationing across the world. We start in Taiwan, then over to Shanghai, China, on the Osaka and Kyoto Japan and finally to a variety of destinations in New Zealand.

Let the adventure begin! After the first 24 hours on planes and in airports we finally made it to Taiwan. Our overseas flight on EVA airlines was really as close to enjoyable as a 12+ hour flight can be. Dinner was a lovely 4 course affair featuring chilean seabass as the main. Continue reading “The Wide-eyed World Adventure 1-2”

Simplicity – Part 2 — simplicity without deprevation or all I have is all I need

IMG_0986 (2)

There is no scarcity except in our souls.

In the first two months after our decision to become full-time RVers, I quit my job cutting our income effectively in half. I went through everything in that house and garage saled, e-bayed, sold, gave to kids, donated to charity, and just plain threw out most of what I had accumulated over all my years of grown-up life and child rearing. A few family heirlooms and things I just wasn’t ready to part with yet were stored in my father-in-law’s attic. Last year when he passed away, family members offered to store those items for me, but it was time to let them go. A small box of old treasures came home with me but for the most part, they once again went to kids, friends, and a big garbage can. Continue reading “Simplicity – Part 2 — simplicity without deprevation or all I have is all I need”

Cee’s Oddball Photos – Food and places

For Cee’s Oddball Photo Challenge this week some of the oddest foods I’ve ever seen. Don’t get me wrong, the foods were all fabulous but somehow just unexpected.


IMG_1540 (2)
It’s just a trailer, a shack on wheels, on the side of the road in Kaikoura, NZ. Best Paua Fritters anywhere.
20161115_104344 (2)
Best french fries ever, at a roadside rest area near Fuzan China

Finally, this novelty from the land where food and anime have become art forms:

11.9.16 piggy bun (2)
Yep, that’s a steamed pork bun, in the lounge at Osaka International Airport, Osaka, Japan

“Every day from here to there, funny things are everywhere.” ~Dr. Seuss

~till next time  ~Peace~  JPP


Stuck in Colder Weather

3.26.18 My view this morning (4)
“I want to see you again, but I’m stuck in colder weather.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.”           ~ Zac Brown Band

We hear it a lot, “how do you keep from freezing in an RV?” Well, for the most part, we do what most sane full time RVers do, we head south for the winter to warmer weather. Of course, every once in awhile, mama nature throws a curve our way. Like now, it’s mid April here in the black hills and the “normal” highs are in the 50’s lows in the 30’s. No worries. Unfortunately the pineapple express (weather front blowing in from Hawaii) has thrown everything off kilter this year. It’s been way colder than normal for the nearly 3 weeks we’ve been here and today we’re having “blizzard conditions.” I mean, really? BLIZZARD! in the middle of APRIL?!? No use complaining about it, weather is what it is and it does what it does, regardless of plans, wants and desires of certain snowbirds. Continue reading “Stuck in Colder Weather”

The Generosity of Accepting Help

3.27.18 Neighbors (4)
Deer Little Friend

One of the more fabulous aspects of RVing is living in close connection with nature. Alone in the midst of a huge RV park, mother nature makes herself known. Had a wonderful visit from a few of the locals early one morning. There were 6 of them but by the time I grabbed my camera, this little gal was all that was left. The others weren’t far away, but little brave one here just stood and looked straight at me. Like she was trying to say “hey lady, throw me out some corn would ya?” I don’t feed wild life. It goes against everything I believe in, but I was so tempted. The demands of day-to-day life continue however, and there are errands to be run, groceries to be acquired. Farewell little deer friend. Continue reading “The Generosity of Accepting Help”


3.26.18 My view this morning (3)
Morning View after arriving in South Dakota

Having arrived at our destination a few days ago, we proceeded to unpack, set up and settle in. We’ll be in this site for at least one month.  It’s good to have all the rest of my kitchen equipment out and be coming out of “travel mode”. We arrived after a short and challenging stay in Lusk, WY. Challenging because the RV site we took had some electric issues and we were unable to pull the full 30 amps that it takes to run all of our equipment. It was not a huge deal, and frankly not worth moving the rig for. We just had to turn off the microwave in order to run the heater, turn off the heater to run the hot pot, you get the picture.

We arrived here in SD the next day, got unpacked, made a quick run into WalMart for water and a few groceries because we were due for snow last night. Yep, and we got it too. Woke up to 3-4 inches of the fluffy white stuff accumulated on everything. Now, I’m in the midst of an autoimmune flare, right now that means that my muscles all hurt and my joints are stiff and painful. Sitting at the computer causes pain in my hips and fingers. All of this brings me to today’s topic, gratitude. Continue reading “Gratitude”

Meal Planning for Spoonies Part 2

January Sunset (2)
Sunset at Zion

We’ve opted to stay put here in Laramie for an extra day. The storm has brought with it high winds. Even normal winds in Wyoming are pretty intense and no picnic to move a high-profile vehicle in. I was hoping for a rest day anyway so this is good. We’re still up at 6:00 am every day and I’m currently running on an average of less than 5 hours of sleep per night. It’s one of the nuisances of being a Spoonie. No matter how tired you are during the day you won’t be able to sleep at night. The good news is that nobody’s ever died of short sleep. It’s good to be resting a little anyway so I’m just catching up on some writing and doing some computer work today. Later, I’ll practice some self care like washing my hair and elevating my legs while reading a book that’s just for fun.

Continue reading “Meal Planning for Spoonies Part 2”

Flare Days

Views CO 3.22 (3)
Colorado views, mile after mile of melting snow

My planned topic for today was more about menu planning and tips etc., but … I’m having what is known in chronic disease circles as a flare day. What causes a symptom flare? Hard to say, the causes are as diverse as the diseases themselves. Superhubs and I are both having high pain days today so I’m guessing it’s autoimmune/weather related. We’ve crossed over into Wyoming and the weather has taken another change. It’s windy, rain moving in but sunny/cloudy right now. We are both very weather sensitive. Combine that with five days of driving 4-5 hours per day and the general work load involved in heavy travel and we’re both a mess. My problem is my inability to get comfortable in any position due to chronic pain. I can’t sit for long, lay for long, stand for long or walk for long so I’m pretty much in constant motion right now and it’s exhausting. Sometimes the bouncing leg or flipping foot helps temporarily. It’s a type of restless leg, nerve damage, brain cloud thing. I’m not complaining, there are many of my Spoonie comrades out there who have much more pain than I do and are not in my fortuitous circumstances. You see, I don’t have to work a full time job, I don’t have children to care for, I have a super supportive partner. But still, what precisely does one do when every muscle and every joint in your body hurts? Here’s what I do, sometimes one or two actions, sometimes all of them. Continue reading “Flare Days”

About Balance

Richfield UT 3.18.18-2
My view this morning

When you’re a spoonie with a family of 2 with chronic and autoimmune diseases, kitchen work can be a considerable challenge. We follow two similar yet different diets at our house. I follow WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) diet, Superhubs is primarily pescetarian. He eats fish, generally once a day, egg whites as an ingredient and occasionally chicken if we eat out. He’s extremely particular about the type and preparation of fish, hence the occasional chicken and eschews all forms of dairy. We eat LOTS of beans, tofu a couple of times per week. Since we are in “travel mode” right now, we eat simple and rather more “packaged” food than we normally would. Today we’re not moving but still follow the same principles. A quick look at our menu for today.

Breakfast: Museli for SH, quick oats for me.
AM snack: SH - 1/2 banana, 1/2 sheet graham cracker, 1/4 cup nuts
 Me - 1/2 banana, 1 rice cake
Lunch: Soup with toasted cheese sandwiches, veggie sticks, chips
PM snack: Both - homemade oil-free humus, crackers, cuties
Dinner: Saag Aloo with chickpea curry
Dessert: Fruit plate, 1/2 spelt muffin w/almond butter (homemade pumpkin butter for me)

As you can see, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It equates in spoon usage to a part-time job. I’ll also do some writing (fiction project) in addition to this and some housework. Trying to figure out how to fit in some exercise since it’s snowing and blowing and too cold outside for my lungs. If the roads clear enough, we may try some “walmart walking” after lunch. Continue reading “About Balance”