Twittering Tales – Cauldrons Three

tt 1.15.19

Three black pots hung over the fire.

“One for biscuits, one for stew and one for witchly brew,” the old crone cackled.

She ate her meager supper, sipped her tea and gazed at the stars. Memories of an age gone by when she and her sisters glimpsed the future through the magic eye.

Character count 278

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Spell for a Smoothie a Twittering Tale

tt 1.8.19

Seed of chia, an apple pale
hand full of spinach
hand full of kale
add some honey
it’s no trouble
flip the switch
and let the cauldron bubble
by the pricking of my thumbs
something wicked this way comes

character count: 194

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TT 1.2.19

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“It’s extortion you know,” Bill scowled at the blue Macaw, “those bloody nuts are expensive.”

The Macaw turned and eyed his owner, “Squawk … ‘What are you doing with that ax Bill? No Bill, NO! AHHHHHHH’ squawk”

Bill handed the bird another nut.

Character count: 245

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Twittering Tale – # 114

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little-boy-mabelamber on pixabay

Timmy and Billy crouched near the hole in the old tree.
“It was a Leprechaun.”
“Naw, squirrel.”
Suddenly, a tiny winged man appeared, tapping his foot and yelling “I am NOT a Leprechaun!”
Timmy and Billy turned to each other nodding wisely, “Squirrel!”

Character count 274

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