The Wind in his Face

friday fictioneers 2.15.19

The Wind in his Face

“Walk, boy? Wanna go walk?” the human gushed.

Frank the Pug growled “Why in the seven suns of Satornia would I have wings if I wanted to walk!” What his human heard was “bark, bark, grrrrrr, BARK!”

Frank looked around for some means of escape, to feel the wind in his face. Ah, the window was open just a crack. With a leaping twist, he freed himself of the human and bounded for the window, wings flaring behind him. “FREEDOM!” He cried. His head went through, but his wings stuck firmly behind the window frame. “Crap and kibbles” growled Frank.

Word count 100

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Friday Fictioneers – Fire Fairy

friday fictioneers 2.8.19

Fire Fairy

Faelynn sat by the fire warming her hands. Flames flickered and played in a glorious dance. Soon she joined it, dancing with wild abandon around the fire. She held out her hand and a tiny spark lept to her palm and struggled to life growing until she tossed it back to join the other flames. Control, always she must be in control, lest the fire take her. She had always thought it odd how humans feared fire, she knew some were consumed by it, but she, ah she was made from it.

word count 92

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The Show

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Friday fictioneers 1.31.19

The Show

Mark, Bob and Marie would be the first white folks to ever witness this ancient tribal custom, they watched the white teepee nervously and waited. Their seats were a fair distance from the powwow circle but with binoculars they would have a good view.

“Billy Joe, come help the Medicine Man with his staff. The bloomin’ skull’s come loose again,” called Morning Star inside the teepee.

Billy Joe hastened to reattach the bleached skull.

Morning Star watched her little family and mentally crossed her fingers that tonight’s show would cover the repairs on the old blue truck and maybe supper.

word count 100

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