Armchair Adventure

From the Jar of Inspiration “Favorite books” – hmmmm

photo from pexels

Armchair Adventure

I’ve traveled around the world
and places yet unseen
I’ve moved beyond the planets
in search of Stormhold’s queen
I’ve seen Victorian England
in the age where steam was king
then I’m off to Diagon Alley
where a wizard waits for me
I’ve been to urban Chicago
where dark forces breed
as dragons filled the skies of Pern
to save their golden queen
I’ve been to Hobbiton and Narnia
and all the oceans in between
a life filled with adventure
all because I read

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

Full Moon in Libra

From the all-seeing Jar of Inspiration the prompt: Libra/zodiac

The Moon shines her light on the lovers, blessing their union with her gentle light. The autumn wind ruffles changing leaves adding his breath of blessing. The whole world pauses for a moment anticipating, waiting while the light of their union joins the stars and the world seems just a bit brighter.

harmony’s balance
marriage and diplomacy
full moon in Libra

Til next time ~Watch the stars and marvel ~JP

Icicles and Candles

From the all-knowing Jar of Inspiration today’s prompt: Icicles and Candles

Icicles and Candles

Outside icicles are dangling from the roof
inside the candles are softly burning
Mid-winter’s night all is calm and bright
but the season is slowly turning
soon Spring will once again come calling
bright leaves and flowers soon returning
but for now in the quiet of my room
Winter’s peaceful lesson I’m still learning

Til next time ~Let it snow ~JP


Today’s prompt from the Jar of Inspiration: Bubbles


bubbles cling to the side of the glass
sparkling, iridescent and playful
waiting to burst with ebullient joy
I take a sip while they tickle my lips
tiny bubbles that wrinkle my nose
tingling all the way down to my toes
I giggle like a school-girl
at the first taste of champagne
your arm a comforting weight and
warmth wrapped around my shoulder
I cuddle in deeper and the whole
world is merry and bright
On this winter’s night

Til next time ~May your hearth burn bright ~JP

Fairy Rain

From the all-knowing Jar of Inspiration today’s prompt: Fairy Rain

from my polyvore collection

Fairy Rain

Rain softly falls on my window pane
as I stand here listening
outside the sun is slowly waking
the spider webs are glistening
beads of rain shimmer in the morning light
like the flutter of fairy wings
tiny gems that vanish with the sun
but for now I listen to the rain
and watch the fairies dance

Til next time ~Watch for the fairies ~JP

Crystalline Silence

From the all-knowing Jar of Inspiration my prompt today: Crystalline Silence

Crystalline Silence

I sit in the peculiar gray light
of a foggy dawn
soaking in the crystalline silence
barely broken by the quietness
of your peaceful breathing
all too soon the birds
will begin their songs
the sun will rise dispelling
the gossamer fog along the lake
but for now let me relish
the warmth of your body
next to mine
and the crystalline silence
of this foggy morn

Til next time ~Stay Trippy Hippies ~JP

Life, Death and Dirges

The Wolf Moon greets us on Friday, the day of Venus, while Mercury is in retrograde. It is a time when deep emotions swirl together and the unspoken needs to be heard, witnessed, and expressed. I struggle in the cold, dark times to release the words clogged in my throat. Superhubs and I had a deep conversation recently about death, afterlife and near death experiences. This is what emerged:

The Twin Jet Nebula, or PN M2-9, is a striking example of a bipolar planetary nebula. Bipolar planetary nebulae are formed when the central object is not a single star, but a binary system, Studies have shown that the nebula’s size increases with time, and measurements of this rate of increase suggest that the stellar outburst that formed the lobes occurred just 1200 years ago. Photo from NASA image library

Life, Death and Dirges

I’m sorry I couldn’t stay
time has come for me to go
that’s OK, I’ll be fine
I’ve just run out of time
when I’m gone just
remember what we had
the good times and the bad
now that my story’s
reached the end
would you smile for me
now and then

I know that you’re sad
I know that you’re blue
but I know you’ll make it through
there’s more to life than we can see
you’ll be fine even without me
I promise you that
the sun will shine again
so smile for me now and then

now that I am gone
remember life goes on
when you keep me in your heart
we’re never far apart
I promise you’ll be happy once again
so smile for me now and then

Til next time ~ Remember to stop and smile ~JP

Ridiculous Victories – a preposterous bit of prose

From the all-seeing Jar of Inspiration today’s prompt: Ridiculous Victories

Tengu at entrance to Kurama-dera

My life has been filled with magical moments and joy; heartbreak and tragedy. I have lost it all and won it back again many times. For every gut-wrenching failure when my best just wasn’t good enough there has been an effortless victory when the beauty of life just crawled into my lap with no urging, asking only that I notice it. For each and every laughable failure and ridiculous victory I am deeply, humbly grateful. For this is the twisted path that has led me to this place, this moment, here with you.

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

The Magic

Today’s prompt from the All Seeing Jar of Inspiration: The Magic

original photo from

The Magic

What lies beyond the purple door?
Sugar plums and sweets galore?
Bobbles and bangles shining bright?
Or perhaps a more ethereal sight?

What lies beyond the purple door?
What secrets does it hold in store?
Moonlit paths where fairies dance?
Step inside and take a chance

What lies behind the purple door?
That calls and bids me come explore
To ignore the call would be tragic
Open the door and find the Magic

Til next time ~Watch with glittering eyes ~JP

All That Sparkles

prompt from the all knowing Jar of Inspiration “All that Sparkles”

Image from NASA gallery

All That Sparkles

All that is gold does not glitter
but all that sparkles is mine
a collector of useless, shiny
sparkly objects am I
a sparkly bit of white quartz
will always catch my eye
stars that sparkle and shine
on the velvet throat of the night
old blue bottles resting
on my window sill tonight
waiting to show their sparkle
with the coming of the light

Til next time ~Never deny you sparkle ~JP