Love’s Storm

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I’d like to thank Firewordsblog for the inspiration for this poem. Do check it out, many good reads

I watched the clouds gather,
growing heavier and dark.
The winds, gentle only moments ago
gathered their terrible fierceness.

Trapped in a dark relationship
not of my choosing.
I somehow lacked the courage to walk away,
to seek shelter from the rain.

Instead, I stayed, far too long
fascinated in some gruesome way
by the fury of the storm.

Not a timid rain storm
but a raging thunderstorm
filled with fear and anger, and hate.

The thunder of a slap,
the lightning jolt of cruel words,
the soaking rain of my weeping.

So many years ago,
when I was someone else
and yet … not.

I emerged a different woman,
stronger, yet gentler
washed clean by the rain
of my own tears.



For Tim on his birthday, in case you ever wondered why you love thunderstorms so much.

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He was born in Ventura County,
in nineteen seventy-nine
his Momma loved to travel
she talked about it all the time.

They moved out to Kentucky
to make a brand new start.
She tried to settle down there
and tame her gypsy heart.

She hoped that he’d be
happy there
and that he’d find a home
without her soul that
had to wander
and feet that had to roam.

One night as she watched a thunderstorm
play across the land
his Momma took him in her arms
and this is what she sang:

**Oh Kentucky give this child a home
give him the love of a good family
and a woman of his own.
Give him a fire in his heart
give him a light in his eyes.
Give him the west winds
for his brothers
and these wild Kentucky skies.”**
** (adapted from John Denver’s Wild Montana Skies)**


For my granddaughter on her birthday

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Some angels walk among us
each and every day
with loving words and gentle touch
they kindly guide our way

We call them luck, inspiration
and by many other names
but no matter what you call them
they’re angels all the same

When I was lost in dark despair
with no hope in sight
the heavens sent and angel
to help me find the light

I am often times amazed
and the daily joy you bring
my sweet and precious granddaughter
my angel without wings.

The Monster

Inner Monster
Page from my journal

Inspired by dversepoets Opposites Attract or do They

I saw the monster coming
lurking in the night
I cringed as he drew nearer
he was a fearful sight.

Made up he was of anger,
of sadness and of fear
I backed up screaming “go away!”
“I do not want you here.”

For a moment he sat in silence
then he said “where should I go?”
“For I am more a part of you
than you will ever know.”

“How would you know goodness
if you’ve never known the bad?
What joy would you find laughter
if you never had been sad?”

“Would you still love the sunrise
without the darkness of the night?
And if you’ve never done a wrong
how could you know what’s right?”

I smiled and slowly shook my head
that monster’s just a part of me
nothing there for me to fear
no demon to be seen.

I no longer fear the monster
he lives inside my heart
because the darkness and the daylight
aren’t so very far apart.

Medicine Wheel

Many thanks to dVerse for this moving prompt Medicine


Art work from Pixabay

Medicine Wheel

“We are all connected,
by the delicate strands
of the web of life”
Grandmother, what does it mean?

That I am you and you are me?
That we all are one, but none to see?
Is my brother’s pain less than my own?
Does it hurt less when pain’s not shown?

Is life a line, with beginning and end?
or does the circle come ’round again?
So many questions, race thru my mind
Can we be safe, and still be kind?

If I reach out to those in need
am I fooled by hidden greed?
Or do I merely plant a seed?
Will that seed take root and grow
or wither and die like so many before?

Grandmother gently takes my hand
“Our lives are like the grains of sand
tiny and inconsequential, nothing more
but together they make the mighty shore”

Each of us like a single star,
we come from lands near and far,
With our light, the world we’ll heal
with love eternal as the medicine wheel.


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photo by Conger Design on Pixabay

It’s a burning in the belly,
a yearning in the soul, a craving and a longing
and some times it’s hard to name
no matter what you call it,
it’s a hunger just the same

There’s an abandoned baby in an alley
screaming for his life
There’s an old man with a cardboard sign
begging for a bite

There’s a woman on a bar stool
looking for true love
There’s a lost soul in a parking lot
searching the skies above.

There’s a hooker on a corner,
looking for a trick,
there’s a junkie in a flop house
who hungers for a fix.

There’s hunger all around us
each and every day
in the eyes of friends and family
as a loved one slips away.

There’s a drunk in an AA meeting
trying to make things right
There’s a artist on a mountain top
waiting for the light

I’ve often found it’s just not true
that what you sow is all you reap
’cause there’s a batter wife somewhere tonight
who’ll cry herself to sleep.

There’s the farmer out in Kansas
praying for some rain
There’s a musician in a studio
who can’t find that last refrain.

The more we all seem different,
the more we’re all the same
because there’s oh so many kinds
of hunger pain.

Not Today

IMG_1062 (2)
Watching for the flash of green

Not Today

There may come a day when I will not seek new adventures,
when I will not long to see the view from the mountain top.
But not today

There may come a day when the pain and injuries of the past
will overcome and cripple me,
But not today.

This day is unique, it is unlike any day
that has come before and it is
different from any day yet to come.

I claim it as my own … to make of what I choose.
For this day, I choose to smile and laugh
and keep gratitude in my heart.

For this day, I breathe in the joy of life,
and choose to see the beauty
that is everywhere.

I know that one day pain and sorrow may come again
but not today.
For this day, I choose happiness.