31 Days of October – Day 24 – Costumes

31 days October

For the 31 days of October Challenge — my theme today Costumes. OK, Cheap costumes. We all know how easy it is to go overboard with costuming the kids and especially the adults right? Well here’s a couple of ideas I’ve actually used, more than once. 😉


It’s the night of year
to be just what you’re not
be what you want to
be scary or hot

dress up and play
dance all night long
til the break of day
sing karaoke songs

Some of my favorite cheap costumes – pictures from pinterest

cereal killer

and of course ….

smartie pants

Smartie Pants

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

31 days of October challenge – Ghouls

31 days October

Today’s tidbits were inspired by Laura’s Girl Time post for 31 days of October challenge. Because ya know, it’s like October and well … Ghouls just wanna have fun

ghouls fun 1
picture from Pinterest

I came home on Halloween night
on my steps I saw a terrible sight
c’mon that make up’s way overdone
but Ghouls just wanna have fun

Not a fairy or princess in sight
just ghouls creating a dreadful fright
I want my mummy, now I’ve gotta run
’cause Ghouls just wanna have fun


ghoulish fingers - taste of home
picture from Taste of Home

Ghoulish Fingers
various cold cuts (salami, ham, olive loaf)
cream cheese (whipped or softened)
small grape tomatoes
Spread cold cut slices with cream cheese placing grape tomato on one end. Roll up.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

31 days of October Challenge – Black Cats

31 days October

Today’s 31 days of October Challenge is brought to you by the rantings and ravings of my own mind spurred by Melanie at Sparksfromacombustiblemind who has some really creepy phobias (I’m right there with you on clowns girl).

I can’t think of Halloween without remembering my black cats. I’ve had several. Boo Boo was probably my favorite, so black she was almost red, slitted, creepy yellow eyes. The very thing cat phobias are made of but she was adorable and precious. Anyone who has ever had a cat partner will tell you, nobody owns a cat, especially a black cat. Continue reading “31 days of October Challenge – Black Cats”

31 days of October challenge Some Kitchen Witchery

31 days October

For 31 days of October challengeTodays thoughts were inspired by Beckiesmentalmess do pop over and give her Witchy Poem a read.

Now first off, I love all types of witchery but by far my favorite is Kitchen Witchery. Secondly, it’s flipping cold and windy in mid-October and soups and teas are just my thing right now. Continue reading “31 days of October challenge Some Kitchen Witchery”

31 Days of October Challenge day 20 – Colder Weather

31 days October

For the 31 Days of October Challenge. Blame it on the nasty turn in the weather here in the Black Hills, but the Octobery thing on my mind today is colder weather

ice cave of Horthlandia
digital art from polyvore



Rain falls and turns to sleet
Souls pass by but never meet
In the darkest hours people hold
each other against the cold
But I always passed by
no tears left to cry

But we have warmth and fire
and all that we desire
blinding cold removed from sight
hold me in your arms, so tight
As our love drives back the cold
take my hand and let it snow

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

31 days of October – day 18 – The Nightmare

candy pixabay

For the 31 days of October challenge, I’ve chosen the subject of Candy, do pop over and check out all the really creepy cool contributions

The Nightmare

cellophane wrappers shiny and bright
shrieking done in pure delight
nightmares walk in broad daylight

childish demons hidden deep inside
the candy parents snatch and hide
while children sneak and try to find

snickers, reese’s, twix and more
smarties strewn all across the floor
good manners left outside the door

the four year old with angry screams
waistlines bursting at the seams
It’s not a nightmare, it’s Halloween


Til next time ~Peace ~JPP