“I ask only to be free. The butterflies are free. Mankind will surely not deny to
Harold Skimpole what it concedes to the butterfly.”
~ Charles Dickens, Bleak House

A blue butterfly lands on my shoulder
Absolem has transformed
from wise old caterpillar
into beautiful blue butterfly
still wise, still blue, but sans hookah
now enlightened but still crabby
he flutters away with a final kiss
he has transcended, he is free

~Always listen to the butterflies ~JP

Mother Earth

The Great Mother called and she answered with joy
the woods of the forest held her favorite toys
sticks and stones, a pine cone or two
she spent days out there with really nothing to do
just to watch the woodpeckers, the siskins and doves
cooing and flitting were her greatest loves
her smile said it all as she stood by the stone
out in the forest you’re never alone

Peace Peeps ~JP

April Fairy

Up high in the branches of an old pear tree
there lives a small fairy who’s waiting for me
When I head outside to my garden to putter
she comes whizzing down her wings all aflutter

She tells me the stories the robins are singing
plans for a nest with twigs they are bringing
She smells like the blossoms up high in the tree
ready to bloom with the work of the bees

She tells me of squirrels who leap branch to limb
then turn around laughing and do it again
So if you see a fluttering up high in the trees
you may see a fairy if you only believe

Til next time ~Believe ~JP

Blue Silence

In that moment between snowflakes falling
when your breath creates clouds in the air
in the place where stars shine bright in the ebony sky
and in those lazy seconds between sleeping and waking
when your dreams are still real and delicious
in the crystalline blue silence of the predawn sky
that is where you will find me …
waiting for you

~Happy Earth Day ~JP

Cherry Blossom Skies

Cherry Blossom Skies

Moonlight lights the cherry blossoms as they flutter along philosophers walk settling in the water of the canal. The moon gives off a pink glow of her own in old Kyoto. Fitting as the air is filled with the scent of cherry blossoms. I could spend my life right here, in this moment breathing in the sweet scent and gentle glow and it would be a good life. A blossom drifts lazily down to settle on my hair and I am blessed.

Cherry blossom skies
a gift of springtime for all
blossoms in my hair

Stay Wild Moonchild ~JP

Unusual Flower

As I walked along the forest path
an unusual flower I happened to pass
with thorns like daggers, the flower fair
released it’s perfume into the air
tempting many an unwary hand
to pluck a blossom from the land
only to curse her scorpion sting
and ignore the wisdom it should bring
there’s often beauty in what we scorn
to reach the flower you must risk the thorns

~Peace Peeps