Have you ever watched the wind. The way the trees dance to it’s song and leaves flutter around giggling as wind tickles them about. Have you ever smelled the hint of rain on an evening breeze or the first whiff of salt air on the beach. I love when the wind blows through my hair, like it is cleansing me, blowing away my heartache. The wind from thousands of Starlings’ wings shake the walls, a powerful reminder of the strength in numbers. And when the wind propels the rain and snow, I am safe and warm watching in wonder at the diverse power of air and wind.

Fire burns and Wind blows,

Water nurtures, Earth grows

Spirit leads the way

~Stay Wild Moonchild ~jp


10 thoughts on “Wind

  1. I have never been a fan of the wind, especially having been blown off my feet and slammed into a brick wall, and when in the cottage, we were so exposed, we always seemed to suffer fence damage in windy weather. A cool breeze is another matter and very welcome on a hot day, but the wind here on the East coast is bitterly cold at this time of year.

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      1. I feel ya, got caught on a 2-lane in our class C about 20 miles away from where a tornado touched down in Kansas. Almost tipped the big rig in front of us over we fought like anything just to get to a wide shoulder, pulled over and rode it out. Wind is like water beautiful but never ever forget it’s raw power. πŸ˜‰

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