He Stands Alone – a Crimson Creative Challenge

He Stands Alone

He stands alone in the still air
the last bastion of civilization
waiting for the breath of air
to stir his pumps back to life
and give him purpose once more
and so he waits, a murmuration
of Starlings his only company
he stands alone in the still air

This post inspired by Crimsons Creative Challenge 213

Til next time ~Stand tall like the mountains ~JP

4 thoughts on “He Stands Alone – a Crimson Creative Challenge

    1. Thank you we have huge murmurations here in the winter. They land thousands strong in the trees 10 feet from our home. When they launch you can feel the percussion of the air against the walls it’s not unlike a sonic boom only quieter and softer. It always leaves me awed.

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      1. It’s when they roost for the night. Such a mess. And the noise! But the murmuration is beautiful to see. I know what you mean about the sonic boom. I remember having them pass above me when I was out on the marsh. Incredible.

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      2. It’s funny, although I’ve never actually seen the movie “The Birds” since dealing with the starlings I totally get the fear that can be inspired by huge flocks. I still love my feathered friends but oh my I have to sweep the deck banisters clean every day 😉


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