Winter’s Joy

Lately I’m struggling a bit with inspiration. Could be the weather, could be the new meds. So I’m grabbing some December Prompts from my prompt jar just to see what happens.

Today’s Prompt: What Joy Means to Me

“Joy is what happens when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are” ~Marianne Williamson

Winter Joy

Winter mornings with cerulean skies
reflected on the snow and ice
creates a blue tinged aurora
while acres of diamonds
glint in the sunshine
my breath creates little puffs
of fog in the frigid air
and my face tingles
with snowflake kisses
Inside hot tea, biscuits and
a fire in the hearth lie waiting
to warm the cockles of my heart
I find a blissful joy in Winter
the sparkling beauty of nature
the coziness of home and hearth
Winter and Joy walk hand in hand
as Mother Nature sleeps
I slow down and recognize
how joyful life can be when
we stop and look around

Til next time ~Stop, look around, and be amazed ~JP


15 thoughts on “Winter’s Joy

    1. Thank you Di. When all else fails, I toss a bunch of scraps of paper in an old salsa jar and pull one out. Funny thing is how well it works. Random thoughts I can create from but just let me see any kind of actual instruction and skreeeeech on go the inspiration brakes.

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      1. Yep. I live in a tiny street with 14 townhouse units and a gated entry backed up to “the lake” if it weren’t for the occasional need to buy groceries or visit the doctor I would probably never leave my street 🙂


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