Thoughtful Thursday – Changing Views

My view last evening

Tomorrow marks one year since we arrived at our new home. It seems so different and yet, it seems at times that I’ve never lived anywhere else. I have settled in to this new life quickly, oh so quickly. Yesterday I posted a picture of a huge Jill-o-lantern from Osaka, Japan and I began reflecting on how many different October views I’ve had over the years. I’ve spent a good many of them overseas for both business and pleasure and the balance have mostly involved significant amounts of domestic travel. It seems odd to not be moving somewhere at this time of year and yet I find I have no real desire to journey beyond my little town, my gated courtyard, or my front door for that matter. I don’t know, maybe my traveling days are done, then again, maybe not. Sometimes when the leaves turn red and the breeze is still warm, I dream of Hobbiton, of Mt. Kurama, of the Yangtze River and Shanghai Hairy Crab … shudder. That’s a tale for another day.

Til next time remember ~Fall is nature’s way of reminding us how beautiful it is to let go ~JP


7 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday – Changing Views

    1. Oh I do. I am now, permanently in Kentucky bought a townhouse not too far from the kids, grandkids, great grands etc. But we spent 15 years bouncing around the US, Taiwan, Japan and China mostly. Got in a few trips to NZ and UK and 7 trips to Hawaii yeah we traveled a lot. A friend with whom we often traveled went to University in Kyoto and was happy to act as personal guide to many of the lesser known areas. It’s funny. I always thought of Halloween as strictly a western holiday, but according to my sources aka friends who lived on Japan, Halloween really only made it’s appearance in the late 90’s when Disneyland Tokyo started Halloween celebrations. Caught on real quick, Japanese love a good excuse to party with the spirits 😂 You should see Christmas in Xiamen China. It looks like New York City. Like I said

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      1. So interesting. Well now I know – until the next time I ask, LOL. 🙂 I’m envious that you get to travel to such exotic places, though I hate flying now. We do a lot of staycations since we moved to Arizona. It’s a beautiful place and we haven’t even scratched the surface. 🙂

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    1. It’s interesting but the single factor that convinced me to give up RVing was the vacation that year, we spent 4 of our 6 weeks running from fires, COVID and car problems we didn’t spent more than a couple days in any one place I was sick and tired and just wanted to go home. But home was in storage with nowhere to park it so we just had to keep driving. I knew then I had to find something stable. Time to put down some roots 😊


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