Flashback Friday – Three Witches

Welcome to the Halloween Edition of Fandango’s Friday Flashback, that master of the macabre invites us to reveal our ancient secrets in the form of an old post. Buahahaha ….

Three Witches

The bus pulled away in a cloud of dust and exhaust fumes. Mary didn’t even notice, she was still standing, suitcase in hand, staring. This couldn’t be right. The ad had requested a housekeeper for a large family estate. It had failed to mention the dilapidated condition. “Must be better on the inside,” Mary assured herself as she wound her way through the dry dead weeds to the front door.

The huge, ancient door creaked open all on it’s own when she approached. Mary stuck her head inside. “Hello,” she called quietly as she entered the house.

It was gloomy inside, she walked deeper into the house and saw three old women standing together. Suddenly, one let out a mephistophelian cackle. Mary stepped back. “Hello, I’m Mary. I answered your ad.”

“Yes dearie, come in. Forgive us, my sisters and I are quite blind,” the tallest answered.

“We wouldn’t be blind if Lachesis hadn’t lost the eye,” murmured another.

The smallest shouted, “That’s why we hired a housekeeper.”

Mary looked around at the accumulation of dust and clutter. “Excuse me, but why precisely did you need a housekeeper?”

All three sisters cried out “TO FIND THE EYE!”

Mary fainted.

Word count 199

This post originally posted October 28, 2018 in response to FFfPP #43 and the word of the day challenge Mephistophelian – because it’s such an awesome word.

Til next time ~Witching you a Happy Halloween ~JP


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