Walkabout Wednesday – Newberry Caldera

It may have become apparent by now but I’m doing a lot of low-spoon posts. I do not refer to subject matter but rather to the energy I put into them because, frankly, I have none. It’s time (again) for another flare – Autumn Edition. Our prompt for Terri’s Sunday Stills this week is our monthly color challenge of – Lava (black-brown, black, and/or orange). Being, the “rock person” I am, I’ve opted to share a couple pics of, well, lava.

Above a shot of Newberry Caldera (yep that’s all lava). It’s commonly called Newberry Crater but it is actually a caldera, formed when the overlying rocks collapse when a magma chamber is emptied. The volcano is roughly the size of Rhode Island (1200 square miles) and the caldera itself about 17 square miles. The caldera remains both seismically and geothermally active. We saw numerous cinder cones and vents, basalt flows, and, of course obsidian.

A huge chunk of obsidian along the “Big Obsidian Flow” be careful, those edges are sharp (please … don’t ask). 😉

Til next time ~Peace Peeps ~JP


4 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday – Newberry Caldera

  1. Well, I had to look up the location–and I have driven by the area now countless times. I knew there was the caldera there but I guess I forgot the name. Hard to believe it’s so big. Very cool shots of both images, JP! Yep, obsidian is sharp 😉

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  2. I recognized that place..I shared a few photos for this challenge from there as well. And we just got back from Rhode Island and the new england states so that was fun to put into perspective.

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