Grandmother Tree – Crimson Creative Challenge Tale

Time for another reach into the dark recesses of my creative mind. When I looked at the picture prompt, all I saw was Gaia weeping, dark clouds of tears. OK could, possibly been influenced by listening to Blackmore’s Night lately.

digital collage from my polyvore collection

Grandmother Tree

On a craggy old clifftop
there once grew an elegant tree
her branches were strong
but it wasn’t too long
‘ere they named her
“The Olde Hanging Tree”

Time and again, they strung up a man
on branches barren of leaves
stumps twisted and dark
it soon broke her heart
innocent souls lost on
The Olde Hanging Tree

One day they brought a young woman
practicing witchcraft she had been seen
despite her innocent cries
they condemned her to die
by a rope hung from
The Olde Hangin’ Tree

They left her choking and dying
there came a terrible sound
the wind gave a scream
there on the ground
lay the last branch of
The Olde Hangin’ Tree

Now the tree blooms brightly
in springtime, as the girl dances
Tree and wind sing their song
branches covered with leaves
and she named her
“Grandmother Tree”

Word count 146

This post inspired by Crimsons Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Be Kind ~JP


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