The Weapon – a Crimson Creative Challenge Micro Fiction

Our Crimson Creative Challenge this week is the fabulous clock pictured. Wow! For some reason it puts me in mind of a different time, a different world.

The clock ticked on. Gwren was growing restless and it showed. Javvir smiled that infuriating smile teachers have. “The blade reaches it target at the right time, never early,” he reassured.

Gwren shot an irritated glance at his mentor, “you speak of her as if she were a weapon.”

“She is the Starblade,” came with a shrug.

Gwren snatched a dagger from one boot and flicked it at the rail where it promptly exploded into white fire sending humans and monsters alike scurrying. “I am a weapon,” he kicked out with a low sweep nearly knocking Javvir’s feet from beneath him. “She is the spark of desire that drives the blade. She is the magic of ice and fire, of wind and soil. She is a woman.”

Javvir shook his head, a smile quirking one lip “and you my friend are a besotted fool. There she is.”

word count 148 (Whew that took some editing!)

Til next time ~May your Mondays be short, but not too short ~JP

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