Coping with Covid day 7 – Final Entry

Over it yet?

Every day I’m feeling more and more like myself. I still have some muscle aches and fatigue, but my breathing is back to acceptable and improving. Brain fog seems to have settled in. It’s not overwhelming but I really have trouble concentrating and my brain does weird stuff. What kind of weird stuff? Sdrawkcab yltcaxe ecnetnes eritne na depyt tsuj I. I just typed an entire sentence exactly backwards. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, it was actually only three words, but it’s weird how often wohs shows up in my writing. I really miss my sense of smell too. None of my remaining symptoms rate any more attention than just continuing the healing process.

In the on-going battle against inflation I’ve noticed that it’s actually not difficult to cut a few corners, especially if you’re in quarantine. wink wink This week we eliminated grocery store trips with the exception of one pick up for basic essentials and lived off our prepper pantry. I’m not really a prepper but that seems to be the current terminology, I used to call it the “squirrel” pantry where I squirreled things away. We also converted a doctor’s appointment to Telemed phone interview. Yeah NOBODY wants us to come in for an office visit ;-).

When I needed to restock office supplies (pens, file folders, note pads) I simply dug through my “office stuff” box, resorted some files, and came up with everything I needed. Saved a trip and the cost of extra supplies, I mean really how many highlighters does one woman really need? While sorting the extra supplies, I located and/or created birthday cards for the July birthdays.

So that’s about it for my experience with the Omicrom variant of COVID-19.

Til next time ~May you coffee be stronger than your brain fog ~JP


7 thoughts on “Coping with Covid day 7 – Final Entry

  1. When we lived in the cottage, we were miles from any shops, so it made sense to keep a good supply of stuff just in case we couldn’t get out. Hubs has been a prepper for years, and it would appear I have too without realising it. I am noticing an increase of 10% on items I buy every time I shop. Today it was a small baguette which is usually 22p but has now gone up to 25p. I also bought some pre packed ham marked as special at £1.29 but I have been charged the full £1.79 on my bill which I didn’t notice. I refused to pay the price asked for fruit, my favoured cheese is still £3.59 for 800g but there were only two packs left on the shelf which would suggest it is going to be out of stock again for a little while to be reintroduced at a higher price which is what usually happens.
    I am watching my food bill and already we are creeping up to the July figure of 2021.

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    1. 10 percent hike and then the next week another 10 percent. I’m refusing to buy stuff that’s over what I consider reasonable. In June our grocery spending was up over 20 percent. No more, I’m revitalizing my Uber cook skills. I’ve eliminated almost all convenience items and if something I want is to high, I substitute. Plllttt take that stupid inflation. Keeping a good sense of humor is key.


      1. Exactly! I’m modifying the way we shop and what we buy. A lot of things are now off the list and won’t be substituted. It makes me angry that the basics like milk, eggs and bread are going up the fastest. Our UHT milk is now 69p a litre in our discount supermarkets, but a similiar purchase in the bigger chains is almost £1.

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  2. I have one extra box/package of everything essential like meds and TP and sometimes two, but no more because of storage space limitations. I don’t have much extra food tho! Glad you’re feeling better 💕


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