Coping with Covid – Day 3

On Tuesday July 5, 2022, I tested positive for COVID. Herein is my attempt at documenting the process for a 65 year old spoonie with multiple chronic autoimmune diseases.

Day three progresses with much the same symptoms, intermittent fever/chills, severe lethargy and body aches. The big change is the mucus. I mean seriously, just how much snot can one nose produce? Or for that matter, one set of lungs. I mean really? I am currently known in our home as SWBHA (She Who Blows and Hacks Alot). Cough has degenerated into a croupy bark and one particular coughing fit nearly brought me to my knees.

I did manage to call me PCP to get one of my prescriptions sorted out and do a little mending but that’s about it. I am so tired, I barely have enough energy to breathe and forget about blinking. On the positive side, Superhubs seems to be improving every day, I’m just a few days behind him.

Late afternoon, I turned on my computer to play a little bit of video game and the blasted thing tried to take off again. It does this weird thing where the fan starts whirring really really fast and loud and it’s just scary as heck. Seriously, it’s a “this message will self destruct in 30 seconds” kind of noise. Superhubs has sorted it out before but this time mentioned that perhaps the whole system just needed to be sent back and refunded and we’ll get me something else. THAT was all it took to set me off. I’m utterly exhausted and the thought of setting up a new computer AGAIN was more than I could handle, situation rapidly devolved into tears because “I should be over this by now.” Yeah, right. Note to self, do NOT listen to the voices in your head, they are liars.

While preparing to take a relaxing, medicinal bath, I realized I have lost my sense of smell. ARRRRGGGHHH!

Til next time ~Stay Sanitized ~JP


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