Coping with Covid – Day 2

Day two of this nonsense. I’ve been sicker, I’ll say that much.

  • Fever is controlled with acetaminophen but keeps popping back up
  • Pain level is high as Every. Single. Muscle. in my body screams in pain
  • Still have all the same symptoms as yesterday including chills, fatigue, massive sinus congestion and deep racking cough

I don’t feel incredibly bad, just really not good. Not much in the way of energy but I did manage to do a load of laundry, participate in Superhub’s Telemed appointment, do a little blogging and rework our meal plan to eliminate a trip to the store. Oh yeah, and I also prepared meals for both of us. :-p take that COVID.

We had a thunderstorm pop up in the evening, when I feel at my worst, naturally. Storms are a panic trigger for me and between the threatening skies and worry over this stupid illness, I wound up needing a sedative. I experienced my first “brown out” and it was really weird. We lost power to some stuff, not everything, but enough to be really inconvenient. We lost our central air, stove, refrigerator, and about half our lights. The rest of our lighting dimmed or flickered ominously so we just turned everything off. Ultimately we totally lost power and so I prepared a “no cook, don’t open the refrigerator” meal for dinner which turned out to be quite tasty. The power did come back on shortly after dinner and before full dark.

Watched a little TV, and went to bed at a reasonable hour. That’s it for my day ~Stay Safe ~JP


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