Death by Jewelry – Friday Flashback

Welcome to Flashback Friday where we reintroduce some of our older posts. Here’s one from 7/8/2021. Originally written for Crimsons-creative-challenge # 139 and published here for Fandango’s Flashback Friday, a peek into the dark alleyways of my creative mind.

Death by Jewelry

Solanj sized up the path, deserted even at mid-day, this would do nicely. A lovely place for a gentleman to take a lady for a moonlight stroll. The symmetrical trees and shrubs concealed many a covert alcove where lovers would be safe from prying eyes. A perfect place for the garroting of an evil aristocrat. Solanj fingered the gold ring on her hand, it’s cabochon stone concealing a poison dart. Her bracelet of lavender silk cord braided with strong silver wire currently wrapped around her dainty wrist, unrolled into an effective garrote. Solanj, the most feared assassin of her age, never concealed a weapon. After all who would presume to question a lady’s jewelry.

word count 117

Til next time ~Stay Wild Moonchild ~JP

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