Walkabout Wednesday, PPAC and coping with COVID

As you may have deduced from the title, Castle Serenity has been invaded by the dreaded COVID-19. Superhubs and I both tested positive and are sick as the proverbial dogs. Although we are both fully vaccinated and boosted, my pulmonologist is standing by with prescriptions for Paxlovid and, of course, prednisone. *insert raspberry pllllttttt* So our walkabout this week is a quick tour of some chalkboard art found in the Starbucks in Casper Wyoming, which was about all of the town we got to see on our way back to South Dakota due to last summer’s encounter with the Delta variant.

Coffee and inspiration, always a winning combination

I love these quotes and the creative decorative drawings on the chalkboard.

Inspired by Marsha’s PPAC # 53

Til next time ~Stay safe, stay sanitized and choose wisely ~JP


10 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday, PPAC and coping with COVID

    1. Oh it is. We both have been on the phone with our doctors and been advised “don’t leave the house unless it’s to go to the ER.” They’ll call us in prescriptions but they do NOT want either of us to come in. It’s almost funny, in a weird kind of way. 😉

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      1. Wow! The good news is that most places deliver anything you need. You don’t have a choice but to “take care” or I would close with that cliché. 🙂

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