Flashback Friday – Spring Green

Here we are with Friday Flashback … again. I mean seriously, it’s Friday? Again? Already? Man my Daddy was NOT kidding when he said “once you’re over the hill, you pick up speed.” Fandango’s Flashback Friday aims to reintroduce some earlier works. So here is a wee bit of micro-fiction from June 17, 2021, originally written in response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 136


The clouds gathered dark that day, blotting out the sun. Dark and ominous with jagged edges, holding the promise for rain. Xere paused, savoring the cool shade. Desiccated earth beneath her feet cracked and crumbled, as her lungs cried out for moisture. No storm came to quench earth or skin. No rain fell that day, or any day since.

Til next time ~Stay Trippy Hippies ~JP

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