Wednesday Walkabout – Red Canyon Utah

I’m back with another episode of Walkabout Wednesday where we’ll take a short walk in some of the places we’ve visited. Today we’re stopping off in Red Canyon, Utah. Located along Highway 12 in Southern Utah, just 13 miles from Bryce National Park lies Red Canyon. Part of the Dixie National Forest, it is home to several hiking trails and lots of fantasy spires and hoodoos for which the area is famous.

Hoodoos – rocks or sculptures?

We stopped by the visitor center only to learn that it was closed due to covid concerns. The restrooms and trails were open though so off we went. Poor air quality from wild fires conspired with an elevation of 7400 feet to keep us on the bunny trail which goes around the visitor center and back away off the road.

Legend People

We are surrounded by water and ice-shaped sculptures affectionately known as hoodoos. The hoodoo’s tall, knobby and eerie shapes have earned them many names throughout history. The Paiute Indians of this area call them “legend people.” When Anglo settlers saw the formations, they called them “fairy chimneys” from their own myths. This hoodoo rich area was dubbed “Utah’s Fairyland.”

Legend Person fall down, go boom

Legend person fall down, go boom. BIG boom. It is not uncommon to see fallen rocks from breaks in the formations and rock slides. The sandstone formations are permeable and over time break down which is how they were formed after all.

Symbiosis at work

We came across this stunning boulder in varying states of decomposition. The black and colored specks are lichen which makes it a stunning example of nature’s symbiosis.

Oh, that’s what symbiosis is

Above, for those of you who were wondering what the heck red rocks have to do with symbiosis …. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough lichen in the world to filter out that much ozone and smoke so we headed off to our next destination, Vernal Utah.

Vernal Dino Land

We had plans to visit all of the dino attractions and had been looking forward to this section of the trip in particular. Unfortunately, upon arriving I discovered that the throbbing headache I’d been fighting all day was accompanied by a fever. Quick call to my PCP back in South Dakota advised that it could be Covid delta variant (that was making the rounds last year) we were both fully vaccinated so best advice was to treat it like a flu, rest, water, and self-quarantine for 5 days.

Dino Art At Last!

So this towel sculpture at our hotel was as close as we got to the dino-art I was hoping to photograph. The museums and activities would have to wait for another time as we spent our 5 day stay in the hotel. On the upside, we did find several restaurants that delivered to our hotel, so we didn’t starve and honestly, the virus laid me out too bad to do much but sleep anyway.

Linking up to Marsha’s PPAC #50 this week. Do go check out some of the posts so much fun 🙂

That’s the conclusion of our walkabout this week.

From Castle Serenity ~Remember there is beauty as far as the eye can see ~JP

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Walkabout – Red Canyon Utah

  1. I loved your story and your photos. Too bad you got sick. That is such a bummer especially when you are away from home. My husband hates to travel because he’s been really sick on two different occasions while we traveled. At home he is seldom sick. We go on a lot of day trips here in AZ. Your pics of Utah remind me of Sedona. I’m definitely putting UT on my bucket list.

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      1. Pneumonia is pretty common for me.
        It’s not the viral kind but rather caused by poor air movement on my part (I breath shallow) from asthma and fibrosis and fluid builds up in my lungs. Fortunately, the factory we were working with retained it’s own Doctor. These are not factories like US factories, this particular one had housing for 4,000 workers on-site including dormitories and single-family homes. It’s almost a small city. Anyway, Dr. Chong, saw me said “probably pneumonia” and the on-site pharmacist got me antibiotics, masks (for the poor air quality) and steroids to open up my lungs. We went back to Taiwan a couple of days later and by the time we left for Japan I was fine. Chronic illness and travel are a wonky combination. I’ve since learned that my max stay in the Shanghai area is 3 days. After that I need steroids to breathe. An interesting side note – Dr. Chong got his medical degree at Washington State University 🙂 and spoke impeccable English, no translator needed.

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