Sunday Stills – Counting the Moments

For Terri’s Sunday Stills Where we’re working “by the numbers.” Also linking up with Johnbo’s Cellpic Sunday (yep every one was taken with my cell phone), and Marsha’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday; H.G. Wells quote which totally works for vacations, some of the time travel destinations.

Interesting prompt, particularly for a former bean counter. You’d think, counter that I am I’d have lots of number related pics but nooooo. Although a good portion of my life was spent in the “thrill of totting up a balanced book, a thousand ciphers neatly in a row” (A British Bank ~Mary Poppins 1964).

does anybody else miss 13-column pads? ;-p

Sometimes, numbers do kind of tell a story though so let’s see what we come up with.

pitch by numbers trainer

Above is a junior throw trainer we worked on in Kunshan, China. The background is made up of “hook” fabric (as in hook and loop, grabby side) and when tennis balls are thrown at it they stick so a young baseball player can see where his throw is ending up. Helps develop aim and muscle memory. It was a fun project although I will say that I learned more about the hook side of “velcro” fabric than I ever wanted to know, including that it can break skin ouch.

Bus schedule – Taipei Taiwan

Thankfully numbers are a constant when traveling in Asia. Here at the station in Taipei, Taiwan it was actually pretty easy to find our way around as we were taking the 208 bus back to the hotel. I wish I had a taken a picture of Superhubs with a map showing our driver how to get to the factory we were touring. 😉

Virgin River Springdale Uah

Now this one doesn’t have any numbers, but oh my it tells a numbery story. Thousands of rock cairns gathered alongside the Virgin River at Zion National Park. It tells the story of the “hundred year flood” that hit the park in 2014, altering the path of the river in several places. They also remind me of man’s inherent need to leave his mark upon the world, to create some artistic tribute, proof that “we were here.”

Big Clock marking the moments

At this stage of my life, most numbers are markers of time. Above a large clock at the Wellington Museum, Wellington, NZ.

It’s Time

“It’s Time” they say
the seconds tick by
in a runic sort of rhyme
each filled with a kind
of mysterious portent
of times that once were
moments that are
and some things
that have not yet been ~JP

Time Machine in Wellington, NZ

The display at the Time Machine immersive show at Wellington Museum in Wellington, NZ. The 14 minute show covers Wellington’s story from the Big Bang through the future. The experience blurs the lines between real and cinematic in a thoroughly delightful way.

“We all have our time machines, don’t we. Those that take us back are memories… And those that carry us forward, are dreams.” ~H.G. Wells

Some numbers alter the course of reality

For me at least it all boils down to this: “Time is not measured by clocks, but by moments.” ~Unknown

Here are numbers that will always remain in my memory. 391372 is Superhubs, 1518 was the time his (first) surgery was complete. Happy, joyful numbers that remind me that tomorrow is never guaranteed and every day is a gift.

That’s it from Castle Serenity ~Til next time in the words of Casey Kasem “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” ~JP

7 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Counting the Moments

  1. That must have been a relief to see your hubby’s “number come up” LOL! I love your images and quotes, JP. Time and its constructs are quite amazing as is the scheduling of buses and travel. Love the idea of that junior ball trainer! Great ideas for the theme this week.

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