In the Greenhouse – a Crimson Creative Challenge

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

In the Greenhouse

Farren ambled through the forest aimlessly, her ears still ringing from the mortar fire. She shook her head again trying to clear her mind, when abruptly she came upon a dilapidated building. An old greenhouse, long abandoned being reclaimed by the forest. Well, maybe there would be something edible to salvage, food was scarce. She was so sick of this bloody war, front lines constantly changing, attacks and counter attacks making it impossible to stay put for even a single season. Fought over some point so obscure, neither civilian or soldier could remember what they fought for. She parted the densly overgrown plants and saw a number of yellow fruit hanging from a branch. She grabbed one and bit in. It was sweet and the liquid cooled her parched throat. Greedily, she reached for another. That’s when she noticed the blue glow.

Word count 142

Til next time ~see ya later alligator ~JP

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