Our Choices – a dVerse Poetics

Lillian has provided us an interesting challenge for dVerse Poetics, to write a poem inspired by a given adage.

For today’s prompt, I’d like you to consider one of the adages/proverbs listed below as inspiration for your poem. You don’t have to include the line itself….but we should be able to guess pretty easily, which line you used as a jumping off point to create your poem. Do give the line and its source at the end of your poem, and of course, mention the poem is written for dVerse.

So do pop on over and take a look, see if you can guess which adage I chose for this.

Our Choices

A box of chocolates on the table
tempting me to come and taste
just a tiny, bitty, bite
surely won’t enlarge my waist
Like my life, each one is filled
with choices bitter and sweet
you never know until you try
what fate you will meet
A left when I should have turned right
lead me to a long and winding path
showed me life through a different sight
and that has made all the difference
A left or a right, choices near and far
our choices show who we really are
my heart flutters my mind is set
take the plunge, see what I get

Till next time ~Stay Happy Hippies ~JP

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