Something Wild — PPAC # 36 and Weekend Coffee Share

Shared with Marsha’s PPAC#36 at alwayswrite Wild Animals in Public, I can do that! Let’s dig into the archives and see what kind of public art I can come up with.

The extinct Moa bird in Queenstown, NZ

Greetings at TaoYuan Airport, Taipei Taiwan

Wood carving from Deadwood, South Dakota

Dragon waterspout at Kurama-dera Kyoto Japan

Tribute to the Omarama Rams and their beautiful merino wool.

Also shared at Natalie the Explorer’s weekend coffee share

If we were having coffee this weekend, I’d tell you that it feels kind of odd to not be traveling. It’s been years since I’ve done much international travel. I’m making the transition from “world wanderer” to “retirement living” it’s wonderfully relaxing, albiet sometimes a little on the tame side. But I’ve taken up new activities including new on-line classes and art projects, reviving my yoga practice. I’d ask about your world and what’s new in the blogosphere. šŸ™‚

til next time ~Peace ~JP

7 thoughts on “Something Wild — PPAC # 36 and Weekend Coffee Share

  1. These are such amazing finds. It would be so hard to pick a favorite they are so different from each other. The ram is spectacular. Some of the others are just so cute! Thanks for sharing. It made me smile. šŸ™‚

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      1. If you are like me, your cell phone is with you constantly, a ready camera. There’s a great challenge for that if you are into challenges. John Steiner hosts Cell Pick Sunday. I have a link to it on some of my posts. I think my Sunday or Monday posts.

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