The Lone Sentinel – a Crimson Creative Challenge

For Crimsons Creative Challenge # 167 come join in the fun.

The Lone Sentinel

He had been tasked with protecting the old enchanted forest by the Lady of the Woods herself. To protect this one stand of trees. The years turned to decades and the forest thrived. But then man came with his machines and his fire and the forest fell. Still Kratos stood, a burned and dying stump, guarding the ground. Until the carver came. He stroked Kratos’ bark and cleaned the outer layers to reveal the beauty of his grain. Then the carver gently pulled away dead debris until he found the face of the guardian.

“There you are brave Sentinel,” the man said as he gazed on Kratos’ face. And he walked away, but he left Kratos a gift, magic portals for his eyes to see every intruder, friend or foe. He stands there still in quiet judgement of any who would try to further desecrate his lands.

Word count 147

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

3 thoughts on “The Lone Sentinel – a Crimson Creative Challenge

  1. Clever, and a just summary of what is happening to our forests. I live in the Amazon where man can cut a trail and the forest gobbles it up in a short time. This is not true of a floresta where plants and trees are dependent on each other to restore itself. I love your writing. hugs, pat

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