Sunday Stills – Around the World in Pink

For Sunday Stills where our monthly color challenge is “pink”

Pink is the color of romance, softness and playfulness. Toning down the passion of red with the innocence of white can create a wide range of emotion. Let’s take a trip around the world in pink.

pale pink blossoms

Pale pink blossoms of a flowering plum tree in Virgin, Utah remind me of sweet summer days and the gentle scent of morning. “A perfect blossom is rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.” ~Katsumoto – The Last Samurai

A painted pink stone atop a post finial at Sterling Point, NZ. Because Pink makes everything pretty.

Variegated pink rose, Westfir, Oregon. “A rose is without explanation. She blooms because she blooms.” ~ Angelus Silesius

A pink rabbit welcomes us to Taiwan. “I’m not crazy, my reality is just different from yours.” ~Cheshire Cat

Wise words on a rainbow, Starbucks Rapid City, SD “Pink is more than a color, it’s an attitude.” ~Miley Cyrus

Til next time ~Stay Wild Moonchild ~JP

10 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Around the World in Pink

  1. Your images and thoughts on pink are perfect, JP! Pink really is an attitude and it always feels nice to wear it or be around it! Nice to see you back to Sunday Stills! Hope you are enjoying summer and all it has to offer and that you are staying safe and healthy!

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