Spoonie Retirement – Life, Love and Covid — weekend coffee share

Laundry building, covered with icicles.

Natalie is our host for weekend coffee share where we all gather for a virtual cuppa and chat about our week.

If we were having coffee today, we’d be having it inside. Looking out the window at the sunshine, and the graupel (tiny snow pellets) falling right through the sunshine. The remains of our last snow storm have pretty well melted in the warm sunny days this week, we started off with lots of icicles from the slow thaws freezing again over night.

Snow covered bush that began to thaw and froze into icicles overnight

Inevitably, talk would turn to Covid. I got my second vaccination this week and I must say it’s hit me harder than the first one. I took the Pfizer (2 doses 3 weeks apart) vaccine and should be clear in another 10 days +- as it takes 2 weeks for maximum effectiveness. I have no illusions, I know it may well not prevent me from contracting the Covid-19 virus. It should, however, dramatically reduce my odds of hospitalization or death so I figure it’s worth the annoyance of symptoms for a few days.

Since we’re talking about Covid, I’ll mention the domino effect of exposure. My dear brother-in-law has contracted the virus. Talked to him on the phone and he sounds dreadful, first domino tips. Brother-in-law # 2 has been diagnosed with cancer and was scheduled for surgery this week. Due to potential exposure from a close relative, they have postponed his surgery for 3 weeks, there goes second domino. We had a trip planned for mid-April, but since BIL #1 will be recovering, BIL #2 will be in post-surgical quarantine, we’ve decided to postpone the trip for a few more weeks. Third domino …. splattt.

Dusk here at Hart Ranch, snow mostly gone (for now).

Life goes on much as it has this past year, groceries are bought on-line or sometimes in-store. We deal with chronic illness, and we carry on. I try to spend some time each day, looking for the beauty of the day. This morning the sun was shining prettily so Superhubs and I took off for town, picked up a few items at our local health food coop, got lunch at a drive thru and went to the park for lunch. It’s cool and windy enough that we ate in the car, but it was still awesome to get out of the house. You see, there is beauty to be found in even the dullest of days so look for it. And if you don’t see anything beautiful, look again. And if you still don’t see it, look harder.

A potted plant, with a tiny bloom, and a wee bitty butterfly outside a factory in Taichung, Taiwan. Sometimes you have to really look to see it.

What I’m listening to

Til next time ~Stay Wild Moonchild ~JP

18 thoughts on “Spoonie Retirement – Life, Love and Covid — weekend coffee share

  1. We had a short winter which seemed to be over at the end of February so I haven’t seen ice like that for a good month. Nature is wonderful. I hope your weekend is going well and you have a great week ahead. #WeekendCoffeeShare

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  2. So sorry to hear about BILs #1 and #2 and the dominoes falling in response to all of this. It must be so frustrating for you all – and very hard to live with the fallout from this horrible virus. Very interesting seeing your icy pictures – I’m in Australia and we’re still quite hot even though we’re now in Autumn – the different seasons overseas always fascinates me.

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    1. Thank you. We have been trying to make travel plans since our overseas trips got cancelled last year. I haven’t stayed in one place this long in over 12 years. We often visit NZ in the winter for a change of seasons. It was such fun attending a Christmas street fair in shorts and t-shirt 🤣


  3. Beautiful photos! That must be stressful though re covid in the family. And the fact that the surgery has been postponed! It’s so hard, isn’t it? I hope you are safe and your weekend is going well despite all the uncertainty and scares

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  4. Congrats on getting your vaccine. I am sorry to hear about your brother-in-law and everything that has followed in the wake of him getting sick. Sending healthy and happy vibes to you and your family! Thank you for the virtual coffee.

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      1. I haven’t read that for a while. But all the time we were in Cold War (& East Anglia where I live was front line for attack) and then an approaching Ice Age which has not become Water World… yea

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