Spoonie Retirement – Life, Love and Universal Gifts in the time of COVID

Rainbow directly over my home Christmas Eve morning

This week passed largely uneventful for us here at Chez Spoons. No snow, no sudden storms. We had a lovely little Christmas celebration just the two of us with lots of texts, facebooking, phone calls and love being shared among family and friends around the country. I laid out my Winter offerings of nuts, fruits and seeds for the wildlife with whom I am honored to share this little section of the world. We have a small herd of white-tail deer that make their winter home here at the RV park and I am always delighted to see them. Although, the bucks do tend to have staring contests with Superhubs when we pass too closely. He gives them the “alpha” look, puts his arm around me (MY doe) and we pass on, leaving them in peace.

The universe saw fit to bless me with even more than my share of gifts this year as somehow it always does. I was surprised to find coloring books and projects from Superhubs. How does he always sense when I’m thinking that I want to do more “artistic” stuff but am never sure how to start since I am totally lacking in the artistic genome. Perfect! Christmas Eve morning dawned bright and clear with a rainbow situated directly over our home (you can see it in the pic at the top of this post.) During our Christmas morning walk, I looked up to see a gorgeous red tailed hawk circling lazily overhead. It made several passes but I was so awestruck I didn’t get a single shot off. Ah well, the best pictures are always in the memories.

In keeping with our “Community Based Buying” project our Christmas dinner consisted of a Korean BBQ style meal featuring a New York cut Yak steak from Hay Springs Yaks. Thinly sliced and quickly pan seared, with peanut sauce (homemade), kimchi from our local coop, quinoa and black bean salad, seared green beans with freeze dried morel mushrooms. Dessert was a lovely dark peppermint mocha truffle with decaf espresso.

One of the crafts I’ve decided to work on this year is my “kitchen apothecary” I’ll be sharing the results of my most recent experiments into an effective cough relief next week.

Til then ~Peace ~JP

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