Spoonie Retirement — Life, Love, and Dyshidrotic Eczema in the time of Covid

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One of the things I’ve learned about autoimmune diseases (yes plural) is that the dad-blasted things are nothing if not unpredictible. As a lot of you know, Superhubs and I have multiple autoimmune diseases … each. Mostly, I talk (or rant as the case may be) about MS, Diabetes, and Sarcoidosis as those are the “big three” around here. They are like the founding fathers of autoimmune disease they are the Godfathers from which all the minor ailments seem to stem. This week, it’s dyshidrotic eczema. Big words that mean a multi-stage skin affliction that includes liquid filled blisters, hard bumps, cracking skin … yadayadaya. I’ve had it before and it’s a bloody (literally) nuisance, usually flared up by stress. My last go was a couple of years ago when I got it on the tops of my toes. Sore toes, summer, flip flops, life goes on. THIS year (thank you pandemic panic disorder) I’ve got the *&^$%#*& stuff on the BOTTOM of my toes. Here’s the scene.

My Immune System: “Something’s wrong, I can feel tingling in my toes.”

Me: “This is no big deal, a bit of dermatitis, it’ll go away, just stay calm.”

My Immune System: “No, something is definitely wrong, I need to do something.”

Me: “We went to the doctor, it’s OK.”

My Immune System: “No, it’s all wrong! I’m gonna SCRATCH it and see if that helps.”

Me: “Back away from those toes Missy, or so help me, I’ll put gloves on you again.”

My Immune System going into total hysteria: “NO NO NO I have to DO something, I’ve got to destroy this, whatever it is. I’m gonna kill it … with FIRE!”

Me: gritting my teeth and grabbing the prescription steroid cream while my immune system takes a blow torch to my toes, “D***!”

Yeah, that’s pretty much the nightly scene here at Chez Spoons this week.

Needless to say, this is one of those times when a stocked pantry is a lifesaver. Dinner is already decided, all the ingredients are in-house and shortly we’ll be enjoying a quick chicken stirfry featuring canned chicken breast, freeze-dried maitake mushrooms and frozen stir fry vegetables. Voila! The less time spent on my feet right now, the better.

What I’m watching:

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

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