Spoonie Retirement – Life, Love and Diabetes in the time of Covid

We had our first interview with the new Endocrinologist, according to whom Superhubs has type 1 diabetes. OK, I get that LADA is really just a delayed (until adulthood) onset type 1 diabetes. As we began discussing his history and I mentioned that he’d been fairly well controlled until the brain surgery, she kind of back tracked. Apparently when scheduling the phone call, the good doctor was under the impression that SH had type 1 and it became uncontrolled because of an MS flare. Say What? She didn’t know that he was diagnosed with type 2 just 3 years ago, or that he had 2 brain surgeries, strokes, seizures, etc. etc. Long story short, once I told her a little more of his history she decided she needs to see him … soon … in person. So, next month we’ll go in and see the new endocrinologist, until then, we keep the current course of treatment, check blood glucose 4 times per day, keep a food diary so she can get a look at what he’s eating. Dr. indicates she wants to start Superhubs on a new regimen so that he can “eat like normal people.” What does that mean? You mean we eat like abnormal people? That we’re supposed to supersize our fries (not that we’ve eaten fries in like eons)? Do normal people have steel cut oat porridge for breakfast 5 days a week? How about fish for 3 dinners a week? Now, I don’t want to get off on a rant, but IMHO a good deal of the obesity epidemic plaguing this country is from eating “like normal people.” *inhale JP … stepping off my spoonie soapbox*

In other health news, yours truly is again showing: anemia, high vitamin D and high B12 levels (all of which are not unheard of with autoimmune diseases such as mine). Whew, it’s gonna be an interesting holiday here at chez spoons.

Back to the topic of seasonal eating. The local produce is becoming more and more scarce. I’ve kind of swapped for CBB (Community Based Buying) for now as agriculture is hibernating (pun intended). This week’s local purchases consisted of:

    • 1.5 dozen free range chicken eggs

    • 1 pasture raised chicken

    • 1 pint of local honey

I cooked 1/2 of the chicken for dinner, we’ll have the other half next week and the carcass has made wonderful broth for soups and chilis. The eggs are making omelettes and egg salads. The honey is a pantry staple, I use 1/2 teaspoon with lemon juice for a scratchy throat but don’t use it for much more than that. That pint will likely last us through the winter.

I’ll be making a dried fruit compote to accompany our low carb pancakes this week, using more of the dried fruit from the pantry. I use about 1/2 cup chopped dried apple rings, apricots, raisins, whatever I have, cover with cold water and simmer until it gets thick and the fruit is tender. Personally, I add ground cinnamon, cloves, ginger and a bit of lemon juice to the mix. I don’t add sugar or other sweeteners as we find the dried fruit plenty sweet for our tastes.

So that’s it for this week from the wacky world of Autoimmune Warriors in the time of Covid-19. Hoping you and yours have a wonderful week. Up next week, using those dried vegetables from my pantry stores.  🙂

What I’m listening to today

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

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