Autumn leaves me breathless – Sunday Stills

For Terri’s Sunday Stills where our prompt this week is: Leaves Today was gorgeous here in the Black Hills of SD. Warm temps and lots of sunshine, we took several walks, took care of chores and just sat around outside enjoying the sun. I did take a little time to flip through my pics, recent and not so recent to see what I had about leaves.

Shugakuin Imperial Villa in Kyoto, Japan. Looking up through the canopy of changing leaves to the blue sky.

Fern frond unfurling from a huge specimen of tree fern in Queens Garden, Invercargill, NZ
Found this interesting little heart-shaped bit of fallen elm leaves on our daily walk, it wanted to come home with me.
My weekly collection of fall leaves gathered on our daily walks here in South Dakota. Made them into a tiny arrangement (that’s a shot glass being used as a vase) and guarded by my trusty garden gnome.

Autumn sun warms my toes
across my face, gentle breeze
tickles my lashes as it blows
beneath the mulch of leaves
tiny sprouts begin to grow
only to be bitten by the cold
that soon will come, I know
but for now, it is enough
to let the sun warm my toes

Til next time  ~Peace ~JP

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